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Stem Cell Facial Therapy

The world's leading treatment for anti-ageing is expertly led in Switzerland. Embrace a youthful appearance through the regeneration of healthy cells. 

A trailblazing procedure to restore and maintain a youthful appearance

Turn back the clock and embrace a healthy glow with the revolutionary Beauty Stem Cells treatment. This non-surgical, age-defying procedure has been expertly designed using stem cell technology to create a more youthful appearance. The treatment encourages the production of collagen and increases healthy blood flow through the skin tissue.

Experience a 4-night personalised retreat with the expert-led stem cell facial treatment, whilst you unwind in the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland. 

Why choose stem cell therapy?

  • Harness a youthful appearance through cell regeneration 

  • Renew natural collagen

  • Drastically slow down the process of ageing 

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Luxury wellness holidays in Lake Geneva Switzerland - Health Travel


"Every day, more and more men and women are choosing to store stem cells derived from their own fat tissue to improve their physical appearance."

The treatment
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Why are stem cells so effective for cosmetic beauty treatments?

Stem cells from adipose tissue (made up of fat cells) have the ability to regenerate at a fast rate, which is beneficial for supporting organs and tissues in the body, both present and future. Using your own cells prevents any risk of rejection or allergic reaction, so it becomes one of the safest and most successful method for medical and beauty treatments. Only a small sample is taken and it can be used and safely stored in a Biobank for up to 30 years.


Clinique la Prairie, Switzerland

Scientific advancements for long term storage of stem cells

Imagine being able to bottle your youth. Well, that is now possible with the groundbreaking medical and scientific advancements in stem cell treatments. With our trusted partners in Switzerland, your youthful stem cells can be carefully stored for up to 30 years in a specialist Biobank. These cells can be used to maintain a healthy appearance, as well as for other medical applications, should they be needed.

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The secret to anti-ageing isn't quite so secret anymore.

Choosing the right health clinic for you

Switzerland is home to the world's best anti-aging therapies, with leading experts developing showstopping treatments based on extensive medical research. Health Travel partners closely with two of Switzerland's leading wellness clinics which perform the Beauty Stem Cells procedure. If you would prefer to arrange an extended stay at a private residence in Switzerland, we have some beautiful options for a comfortable and fully-catered stay. 

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Clinique la Prairie, Switzerland


Clinique la Prairie

Clinique La Prairie has been globally renowned as a pioneering medical spa and clinic since the early 20th Century. Tucked between the shores of Lake Geneva and the towering Swiss Alps, the nature-immersive setting provides a serene backdrop to your stay. With 35 spacious rooms and suites, an award-winning spa and deliciously curated healthy dining, transformative journeys begin here.


Nescens Clinique

Nestled in the town of Genolier, Clinique Nescens is just a short drive from Geneva and Lausanne. Exclusive and deeply calming, the 29 contemporary suites are spread across three floors, with spectacular views of Lake Geneva and out onto the Alps. The clinic specialises in preventative medicine, with a variety of targeted retreats and programmes to discover.

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Clinique Nescens, Switzerland



4 days, 3 nights

Options to extend

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Programme price (per person)

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Accommodation with full board

Medical check-up and follow up

Access to spa facilities

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