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New Life Portugal, nestled in the quaint village of Folgosinho in Gouveia, is not just a retreat but a profound journey into mindfulness and self-discovery. This unique mindful insight centre stands apart from typical retreats by offering bespoke therapeutic pathways tailored to individual needs. An international team of specialists designs these pathways to incorporate a blend of therapies, counselling, and mindful practices that address the roots of personal challenges, fostering long-term well-being. More than a temporary escape, New Life Portugal invites guests on an enduring transformative adventure, integrating meditation, yoga, and nature immersion with nourishing meals and targeted well-being therapies. This holistic approach ensures that the journey is not just a retreat but a stepping stone to a conscious, healthier lifestyle.

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Unique Highlight

New Life Portugal redefines transformation, offering more than just temporary relief. Personalised therapeutic pathways are designed to empower and guide guests toward sustainable well-being, integrating deep connections with nature and oneself for a truly conscious and healthier existence.

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Health & Wellness Facilities at New Life Portugal

The Rooms

New Life Portugal features 48 rooms, each a sanctuary of peace designed to promote introspection and relaxation. Crafted with natural materials like cork and stone for insulation, these rooms offer a cosy retreat with queen-sized beds, private bathrooms, and terraces that open up to nature. The thoughtful touches, including a mini bar, desk space, and decorative elements, ensure a comfortable, rejuvenating stay.

The Experience

Guests at New Life Portugal start their day with group meditation or yoga, followed by a mindful breakfast in Noble Silence. They can engage in enriching community meetings, personalized counselling, or coaching, before exploring workshops or enjoying a restorative massage. Evenings offer communal life story sharing, movie nights, or quiet walks, all adjustable to personal pace and preference.

Restaurants & Dining

Dining at New Life Portugal focusses on mindfulness and the nutritional richness of meals. The kitchen uses minimal processed ingredients, emphasising fresh garden herbs, vegetables, and lean proteins to craft dishes that nourish both body and soul. Each meal is an opportunity for sensory appreciation and self-care, enhancing the overall wellness experience.

Spa & Wellness

The spa embraces a broad spectrum of therapies facilitated by experts in Traditional Chinese Medicine and other holistic practices. From acupuncture and aromatherapy to diverse massage therapies such as tui na and shiatsu, the treatments are tailored to promote physical, emotional, and mental well-being, ensuring a comprehensive wellness experience.

The Location

Located in Folgosinho, Gouveia, at the heart of Portugal's Serra Da Estrela region, New Life Portugal is a sanctuary set against a backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty. The surrounding landscapes offer abundant opportunities for outdoor activities and tranquil sunset experiences, providing a perfect setting for a rejuvenating escape.

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Luxury Wellness Retreats at New Life Portugal

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Burnout Recovery at New Life Portugal

This comprehensive approach helps restore enthusiasm, enhance productivity, and prevent future instances of burnout.

Grief Recovery at New Life Portugal

This non-linear, supportive process helps individuals find solace and new meaning in life after loss.

Depression Recovery at New Life Portugal

Experience a supportive, understanding environment where individuals can engage in therapeutic activities, connect with others, and build strategies to navigate and manage depression.

Anxiety Recovery at New Life Portugal

This programme offers therapeutic approaches, mindfulness practices, and a supportive community to help individuals manage and overcome the challenges posed by anxiety.

Mental Health Retreats

Stress Recovery at New Life Portugal

Stress Recovery at New Life Portugal focuses on understanding and managing the reactions to stress effectively.

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