Wellness Holiday Destinations for the soul

From the wild frontiers of South America, to golden deserts in the Middle East and beach paradises in Asia, we’ve searched every corner of the globe for inspiring wellness destinations.

Explore our collection of unforgettable countries, each one steeped in cultural traditions, abundant in natural beauty, or renowned for its welcoming hospitality – perfect for your wellness retreat.


Hike to Tiger’s Nest, cycle and kayak through valleys and experience yoga classes in the Himalayas with Health Travel’s luxury wellness holidays in Bhutan.


Experience a wellness holiday or luxury retreat in Bulgaria. Reconnect among the 1,600 mineral springs, glacial lakes and steamy hot geysers.


From the steamy geysers of the Atacama Desert down to the glaciers of Patagonia, Chile is unbeatable for luxury adventure holidays and wild expeditions.

Costa Rica

Discover moments that awaken the soul with luxury yoga retreats, active private tours and wild adventure holidays in Costa Rica with Health Travel.


Discover the ‘Nature Island’ of Dominica with luxury adventure holiday retreat. Take on the Caribbean’s longest hiking trail and snorkel at Champagne Reef.

Dominican Republic

Swim in the Salto Alto waterfalls or kayak through mangroves in the Dominican Republic, one of the best Caribbean islands for a luxury wellness retreat.


Relax with a luxury wellness holiday or retreat in France, complete with vineyard yoga classes or active expeditions to the summit of Mont Blanc.


From the Black Forest to the waterfalls of Saxon Switzerland, discover luxury wellness holidays and retreats in Germany with Health Travel.


Embrace a world of wellness with cleansing hammams, outdoor meditation, and indulgent spas at Health Travel’s hand-picked luxury health retreats in Greece.


Enjoy the serenity of luxury health and wellness retreats in India that pursue spiritual culture through yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic healing.


From the island of Bali to Komodo National Park, learn the secrets of health and happiness with luxury wellness holidays and yoga retreats in Indonesia.


Discover luxury wellness retreats among the spectacular landscapes in Israel. Float in the Dead Sea’s healing waters and hike the trails in Eilat.


From cascading thermal springs in Tuscany to natural healing in the Dolomites, discover luxury wellness retreats in Italy’s cultural and scenic getaways.


Bathe in onsens and discover the art of Zen meditation with luxury wellness holidays and retreats in Japan.


Dive with kaleidoscopic reefs, experience traditional Mayan rituals and feel a sense of adventure with luxury wellness retreats in Mexico.


Discover luxury wellness holidays in Morocco, with adventures in the Agafay desert, retreats in Marrakech and luxury surf and yoga retreats by the coast.


Ancient wellness practises and unspoiled landscapes coexist with sleek modernity in this fascinating country of old and new.


Dive with Thresher Sharks, hike the active Mayon Volcano and discover luxury health and wellness retreats in the Philippines.


Experience yoga retreats in the vineyard or surf on globally renowned beaches with personalised luxury wellness holidays in Portugal by Health Travel.

Saudi Arabia

Experience a luxury wellness retreat rooted in ancient practises and nourishing natural ingredients, at one of a kind hotels in dazzling settings.


Discover medical spas, luxury wellness retreats and active holidays in Spain. Take a cycle tour of the Ibiza countryside and hike along the King’s Pathway.

St Lucia

Get active in nature in St Lucia with ziplining, hiking and scuba diving during a luxury wellness retreat in the Caribbean.


Experience luxury wellness retreats and medical spas in Switzerland, surrounded by Alps, glacial lakes and deliciously pure air.


Explore luxury wellness holidays in Thailand with leading destination spas and Buddhist-inspired yoga and meditation retreats curated by Health Travel.

The Maldives

Experience a sense of calm with luxury wellness retreats in the Maldives. Enjoy days of yoga by the sea, organic treatments and deliciously nutritious dining.


Enjoy unique retreats and luxury wellness holidays in Turkey. Turkish baths, azure beaches and a hike along the Lycian Way will leave you recharged.

Turks and Caicos

Indulge in rejuvenating luxury wellness holidays in Turks and Caicos. Heal with the Caribbean spa treatments and explore the culture of the islands.


With deep canyons, spectacular coastlines and snow-capped mountain, explore luxury health and wellness retreats in USA with Health Travel.

United Kingdom

Explore the UK’s best national parks, perfect for hikes, kayaking and active holidays or luxury wellness retreats surrounded by nature.


With luxury wellness retreats in Vietnam, immerse yourself in rural Vietnamese life, among charming fishing villages and vibrant green rice paddies.