Luxury Wellness Holidays & Retreats in Africa

Answer the call of the wild and journey to this vast and magnificent land of jungles and deserts, with astounding wildlife and enduring traditions. From the Sahara to the Serengeti, every corner of Africa contains wonders to behold. Head out on safari for unparalleled wildlife encounters or simply drink in the beauty of this vast continent. Health Travel’s luxury wellness holidays and retreats in Africa tap into local healing traditions and are each laced with experiences in this mesmerizing corner of the globe.

Luxury wellness resorts & boutique hotels

With landscapes as diverse as these, you would want an equally enchanting place to stay. From the One&Only Cape Town, a sanctuary in the city, and other luxury boutique hotels out among the the vineyards and coastlines of South Africa, to remarkable sustainable camps such as Habitas Namibia, there’s something to suit everyone. For luxury hotels in Marrakech, the Royal Mansour is a visual spectacle, whilst the calming Aman spa is a tranquil haven away from the busy city.

private tours

For a highly adventurous itinerary with zero-stress, our partners overseas are at hand to ensure that every moment is magical from the moment you step off the plane. From private local guides showing you hidden gems not shown in the guidebook to unique experiences with experts in yoga, meditation or health.

The best retreats around the world, tailored to you

Whether you’re travelling to Morocco for a detox or down to Namibia for a luxury yoga and meditation retreat to end a thrilling safari, each of the retreat with Health Travel are creatively designed and expert-led by specialists with a wealth of experience. Meet with a local tribe in Botswana to learn about their traditional healing practices or explore your passions with a specialised photography and conservation tour in Kenya. From adventures out in the bush with private guides to immersive health programmes, every detail is carefully curated to meet your unique goals and ambitions.

Experience wellbeing in Africa

Safari is undoubtedly one of Africa’s most wondrous experiences, with few wildlife encounters beating the thrill of spotting one of the Big Five in the wild. Bask in the fulfilment of untouched, sun-soaked savannah stretching endlessly into the horizon and hear the stories of the rangers and guides that this land home. The diversity of Africa’s wildlife is matched only by the variety of its landscapes: traverse the epic sand dunes of the Sahara in Morocco atop a camel, or conquer the dramatic heights of Mount Kilimanjaro. Discover white sand beaches along tropical coastlines or journey deep into dense rainforests and vast rivers. Each new vista is as stunning as the last, with new experiences in each. Spend long days in sun-soaked vineyards sampling South Africa’s world renowned wines, or venture out on adrenaline-filled off-road trips across the sand dunes before bedding down in a luxury desert camp beneath breathtaking celestial skies. The bustling streets and souks of Marrakech are always a treat: a riot of bewitching smells, sounds and colours alive with fragrant spices and exotic tastes. This vibrant city contrasts beautifully with the calming treatments on offer – cleansing hammams and enticing aromatherapy help rest and renew the mind and body after adventure filled days.

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