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For a highly adventurous itinerary with zero-stress, our partners overseas are at hand to ensure that every moment is magical from the moment you step off the plane. From private local guides showing you hidden gems not shown in the guidebook to unique experiences with experts in yoga, meditation or health.

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Discover the origins of many eastern wellness practices that we know and love today, from meditation and yoga to tai chi and reiki. Delve into the unique Japanese rituals to understand how mindfulness can achieve the art of Zen. Experience a private tea ceremony with a Geisha in Kyoto and sushi masterclasses in Tokyo or a hike with a mountaineer to the peak of Mount Fuji.

Down in South-east Asia, where thick rainforests give way to tropical beaches, there’s a wealth of destinations to discover. Step back to ancient civilisations in Cambodia as you explore many temples around Angkor Wat, and experience private yoga classes at sunset in Thailand on a remote island paradise. In Indonesia, the Bali yoga scene and surf culture is full of life, meanwhile private yacht cruises around the remote islands Komodo National Park is truly mesmerising.

For a truly spiritual retreat and adventurous active holiday, our travel experts can create exceptional moments and fun-packed itineraries that will leave its mark on your heart forever.

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