Luxury Wellness Holidays & Retreats in Asia

Bursting with culture, abundant nature and fragrant tastes, Health Travel’s luxury wellness holidays in Asia are hosted in some of the most fascinating places on Earth. Home of Buddhism, meditation and yoga - spirituality runs deep through Asia’s landscapes. Enchantment is etched into the towering Tibetan mountain faces and flowing through the sacred River Ganges, calling upon the curious traveller. With the ancient temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia to the traditional practices of ayurveda in India, the eastern approach to holistic wellbeing is awaiting to be explored.

Luxury wellness resorts & boutique hotels

Experience the best luxury hotels in Asia for a wellness retreat with Health Travel. From medical spas such as Chiva-Som in Thailand to the world-leading holistic retreats in Bali. Discover the acclaimed ayurvedic retreats in India at Ananda in the Himalayas, or venture down to the pioneering JOALI BEING, a private island paradise down in the Maldives. We carefully handpick wellness resorts and boutique hotels to create deeply transformative experiences.

private tours

For a highly adventurous itinerary with zero-stress, our partners overseas are at hand to ensure that every moment is magical from the moment you step off the plane. From private local guides showing you hidden gems not shown in the guidebook to unique experiences with experts in yoga, meditation or health.

The best retreats around the world, tailored to you

From mindfulness in Vietnam to detoxes in the Philippines, each of Health Travel’s luxury retreats in Asia are fully tailored with expert guidance. With specialist consultations, nutrition plans and therapies, we design immersive programmes around your personal goals. Access the best yoga, meditation and pranayama teachers, motivating personal trainers and leading doctors for targeted health retreats. To make your time away even more remarkable, we have local private guides at hand to bring you into nature for reconnecting adventures.

Experience wellbeing in Asia

From the charming cherry blossom season in Kyoto, to the peaceful islands of Komodo National Park, the healing powers of nature are channelled into our remarkable retreats in Asia. Private sunrise yoga classes in Thailand, Japanese forest bathing for mindfulness, and Aarti ceremonies of the banks of the Ganges River are just some of the many ways to explore the spirituality of the enchanting destinations.

For those who seek a more active escape, the Philippines and Bali are home to some of the world’s best surf beaches. Beneath the turquoise waters lies a hidden world of dazzling marine life just waiting to be discovered on snorkelling and scuba trips. For once in a lifetime encounters with wildlife, dive with dugongs, dolphins and thresher sharks in the Philippines, or spot manta rays in the Maldives and Indonesia.

Discover the origins of many eastern wellness practices that we know and love today, from meditation and yoga to tai chi and reiki. Delve into the unique Japanese rituals to understand how mindfulness can achieve the art of Zen. Whether that’s engaging in the ritual of Japanese tea ceremonies in Kyoto or receiving a blessing from a Buddhist monk at a hilltop monastery in Bhutan. Learn hatha and vinyasa yoga with a dedicated guru in Rishikesh – the world capital of yoga – or on the beaches of Phuket. Feed your thirst for discovery with rich cultural experiences with a luxury retreat in Asia with Health Travel.

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Bringing your wellness holiday together


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