Luxury Wellness Holidays & Retreats in Japan

In this fascinating country which contrasts elegant modernity with rich cultural tradition, you can expect a luxury wellness retreat which combines the two for a relaxing, spiritual experience like no other. Japanese people live longer than almost anyone else in the world, and this is in part due to the mindful activities that are woven into everyday life, from soaking in natural hot springs, to the ritual of tea ceremonies, which promote mindfulness and gratitude, to practising Zen meditation during the traditional art of Shodo – Japanese calligraphy. Take a healing dip in the Onsen – volcanic hot springs, or awaken the senses in the picturesque Japanese gardens during the Cherry Blossom season in Kyoto. Whether you choose to wander through the Sagano bamboo groves of Kyoto’s Arashiyama, complete exhilarating hikes to the top of Mt Fuji or soak up the views of the mountain from lake Hakone, followed by beachtime and snorkelling in Okinawa’s famed beaches, there are limitless opportunities to connect with Japan’s traditional culture.

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What's the Best Time to Visit Japan?

Japan experiences a diverse range of weather throughout the year so time your trip carefully to make the most of your holiday. Spring and autumn are ideal- it’s warm and dry and most activities are on offer. A trip in spring is also the best time to see the splendid cherry blossom bursting into bloom throughout the country. Japan’s world-class ski slopes are a magnet for snow sports enthusiasts in winter, while summer signals beach hopping and water sports, alongside great mountain hiking.

Luxury wellness hotels in Japan

Ise-Shima National Park


Amanemu luxury wellness resort is nestled in the forested hills of Ise Shima National Park in Japan. Immerse yourself in wellness retreats based on nature healing practices.


Aman Kyoto

The Aman Kyoto luxury spa hotel in Japan is set in a secret garden among forest along the Tenjin River. Find healing and relaxation in the tranquil spa and wellness retreats.

Explore the Bamboo Forest (Kyoto)

Take a break from the city of Kyoto to explore the Sagano Bamboo Forest, immersing yourself in the dense greenery and gentle stirring of the bamboo swaying in the breeze for and overwhelmingly calming sensory experience. This iconic Japanese soundscape is the perfect spot for a restorative walk and some calming meditation.

Learn the art of Zen meditation with a Buddhist monks

Journey deep into Japanese culture with Zen Buddhism, opening your heart and mind to peace, clarity, and self-discovery with zazen – or Zen meditation. Dedicated monks will help you navigate your spirituality in this form of seated mediation, which is believed to have helped Buddha achieve enlightenment.

Experience an Onsen

Mineral rich, natural hot springs, or onsen, as they are known in Japan, are the perfect way to relax and unwind. Many are outdoors, such as the one at the luxury resort of Amanemu, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the tranquility of lush, green surroundings.

Here are some top experiences to inspire you

The best luxury retreats in Japan

Ise-Shima National Park

Mindfulness & Stress Management at Amanemu

The Mindfulness & Stress Management retreat at Amanemu in Japan is a luxury mental health retreat designed to help slow down and train resilience.

Ise-Shima National Park

Recovery & Recuperation Retreat at Amanemu

The Recovery & Recuperation retreat at Amanemu in Japan is carefully crafted for those seeking a full recovery from illness or injury, or those aiming to improve overall wellbeing.


Wellbeing Retreat at Aman Kyoto

With the holistic approach in Japan, the Aman Kyoto Wellbeing Retreat will transport you away from the stresses of everyday life.

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