Luxury Wellness Holidays & Retreats in Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan’s cultural treasure, invites you to step into a world where old and new seamlessly coexist. The city’s iconic temples, sublime gardens, and rich history transport you to another era. Amidst this backdrop, luxury wellness retreats in Kyoto offer an oasis of serenity. Experience the art of Zen meditation, embrace the healing power of onsens, and indulge in the delicate flavours of kaiseki dining. As you traverse historic districts and immerse in cultural experiences, Kyoto’s enchanting spirit guides you towards holistic rejuvenation.

Local Currency

Japanese Yen (JPY)



What's the Best Time to Visit Kyoto?

Explore Kyoto's rich history, traditional charm, and vibrant cherry blossoms during the spring (March to May) and the autumn foliage (October to November) for the most picturesque experiences.

Luxury wellness hotels in Kyoto

Elevate your wellbeing at luxury wellness hotels in Kyoto, where ancient temples and modern comforts blend seamlessly. Engage in Zen practices, unwind in onsens, and explore the city's cultural treasures. Experience a harmonious fusion of history and rejuvenation in this captivating Japanese city.

Aman Kyoto

The Aman Kyoto luxury spa hotel in Japan is set in a secret garden among forest along the Tenjin River. Find healing and relaxation in the tranquil spa and wellness retreats.

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The best luxury retreats in Kyoto

Embark on a journey of tranquility with our luxury wellness retreats in Kyoto. Immerse in Zen meditation, revitalize in natural hot springs, and savour traditional kaiseki cuisine. Let the city's timeless charm guide you to holistic rejuvenation.

Wellbeing Retreat at Aman Kyoto

With the holistic approach in Japan, the Aman Kyoto Wellbeing Retreat will transport you away from the stresses of everyday life.

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