St Lucia

Luxury Wellness Holidays & Retreats in St Lucia

Saint Lucia’s volcanic origin and mineral rich soil produces a rich tapestry of vegetation with colours so vivid they must be seen to be believed. Woven through this botanical utopia are purifying mud pools, sulphur springs and medicinal plants, forming a natural wellness haven crafted by Mother Nature herself. During your luxury wellness retreat in the Caribbean, take on the spectacular Gros Piton hike on a private guided tour with Health Travel, breathing in the earthy rainforest smell on your way to panoramic views at the summit. Hike the Eastern Nature Trail along the Atlantic coastline, or get active in nature with ziplining, kayaking down the Roseau River, or Sea Trekking for a close encounter with the friendly marine life. With underwater activities including scuba, snorkelling and world-class kitesurfing, there are infinite ways to experience the magic of this remarkable Caribbean island from every angle.

Local Currency

Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD)



What's the Best Time to Visit St Lucia?

The dry season in St Lucia runs from mid-December to June, when the weather is usually at its best. Although temperatures are deliciously tropical all year round, the island experiences a wet season from July to November.

Luxury wellness hotels in St Lucia

St Lucia
Cariblue Beach

BodyHoliday Saint Lucia

BodyHoliday St Lucia is an award-winning all-inclusive luxury wellness retreat in the Caribbean. In a tropical beach setting, combine fitness, indulgence, and relaxation.

St Lucia
La Baie de Silence

Sugar Beach

For luxury wellness retreats in St Lucia, Sugar Beach is one of the Caribbean's best hotels, with spectacular piton views and the healing powers of nature.

St Lucia

StolenTime by Rendezvous

StolenTime is a luxurious escape in St. Lucia, offering a range of wellness activities in the Caribbean.

Explore the coastlines and reefs by boat

For a fresh perspective on St Lucia’s mesmerising coastline, head out into the water to experience it up close. Your boat and private guide will take you to the best spots along the coastline for biodiversity, where coral reefs attract a dazzling kaleidoscope of marine life, waiting to be explored beneath the turquoise waves.

Go in search of waterfalls and sulphur springs

The St Lucian rainforest is scattered with hidden gems waiting to be stumbled across on a hike or trek. Take a detoxifying mud bath at the bubbling sulphur springs then go hunting for waterfalls for a refreshing dip. Waterfalls, like the Toraille Waterfall, form secluded jungle pools, accompanied by the harmonious rush of falling water, perfect for an invigorating swim.

Hike the pitons with a private guide

These icons of the St Lucia skyline are a must-try during your visit. Navigate the climb with a Health Travel private guide, who’ll help you make the most of the journey at a comfortable pace. The challenging yet beautiful hike to the top through exotic plants and animals is well worth it for jaw-dropping panoramic views of the ocean and island.

Here are some top experiences to inspire you

The best luxury retreats in St Lucia

St Lucia
Cariblue Beach

Your Wellness Journey at BodyHoliday St Lucia

Your Wellness Journey is our active retreat at the BodyHoliday St Lucia, combining spa treatments, fitness, watersports and yoga on the beach.

St Lucia

Your Wellness Journey at StolenTime, St. Lucia

Embark on a holistic wellness journey at StolenTime, St. Lucia, set in a captivating Caribbean environment.

St Lucia
Beach view at Sugar Beach St Lucia
La Baie de Silence

Land and Sea Discovery Retreat at Sugar Beach

Discover all the highlights of this beautiful Caribbean paradise with this immersive nature retreat.

St Lucia
La Baie de Silence

Learn to Scuba Dive in St Lucia

Master the seas and explore enchanting marine life with scuba training in St Lucia's world-class dive sites.

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