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Latin America

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For a highly adventurous itinerary with zero-stress, our partners overseas are at hand to ensure that every moment is magical from the moment you step off the plane. From private local guides showing you hidden gems not shown in the guidebook to unique experiences with experts in yoga, meditation or health.

Wellness retreats and tailored programmes

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Latin America

For Latin America, wellness begins in the heart of nature. Reconnect with the natural world in Costa Rica with eco-friendly luxury hotels hidden in the depths of the rainforest and perched above rugged coastlines. Or relax under the stars in a private hot tub set in the untouched wilderness of Chilean Patagonia. Adventure holidays fuelled by expert private guides bring you a step closer to hidden trails and indigenous wildlife. Swim in the cascading waterfalls and fly high above forest canopies, experience traditional healing therapies from the local region and discover a world beyond imagination.

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We develop partnerships with the world's best travel and health providers


We then get to know you to understand your travel ideas and wellbeing goals


From there, we create a highly personalised wellness travel itinerary or programme


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