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A leading Medical Spa’s Approach to Revitalisation

Clinique La Prairie, renowned for being one of the World’s Best Medical Spas as well as its revolutionary wellness and longevity programs, offers its clientele unparalleled treatments that are rooted in the latest scientific breakthroughs. Nestled in the scenic expanse of Switzerland, this clinic is a haven for those seeking to revitalize their bodies, minds, and spirits. Dr. Heini, the Medical Director of the clinic, recently sat down to discuss their flagship Revitalisation program.

An Interview with Medical Director at Clinique La Prairie, Dr. Heini

Dr Heini at Clinique La Prairie

Q: For whom do you recommend the Revitalisation programme?

Dr. Heini: We recommend it to anyone over 35 years old who desires a comprehensive regeneration program. It’s designed to stimulate immunity, counteract the adverse effects of aging, and supercharge energy levels.

Q: What are the standout benefits of this program?

Dr. Heini: The program works wonders for rejuvenating aging cells and bolstering the body’s defence mechanism. Over time, participants can expect enhanced vitality, mental acuity, better sleep, and an overall sense of well-being.

Q: How does Revitalisation amplify the immune system?

Dr. Heini: While maintaining a healthy lifestyle is fundamental, our program provides a potent approach to fortifying immunity long-term. We emphasize “trained innate immunity”. By making epigenetic modifications and provoking a protective inflammatory response, we can recalibrate immune cells.

Dr. Heini from Clinique La Prairie

Q: Could you delve a bit deeper into the actives that foster trained immunity?

Dr. Heini: We’re always innovating. The cornerstone of the program is the CLP Extract, designed to rejuvenate and combat aging effects. We’ve introduced the HP-Cellular Active, an organic plant complex, and the CLP Cellular Genomic FFS1-5, a blend of five plant-based compounds. Before diving into these treatments, our clients undergo extensive medical testing to ensure personalized care.

Q: Clinique La Prairie places emphasis on a holistic approach to health. How does this contribute to longevity?

Dr. Heini: It’s rooted in epigenetics. Our programs aim to naturally influence gene expressions at the cellular level, promoting longevity. Diet plays a pivotal role; hence, the Revitalisation program provides bespoke nutritional guidance. Additionally, we incorporate wellness therapies to mitigate stress, amplifying the program’s benefits.

Q: What insights does the Revitalisation’s DNA testing offer?

Dr. Heini: Understanding genetics allows us to preemptively address potential health concerns. Our predictive DNA test provides an in-depth look at inherited risk factors, enabling tailored therapies and advice based on an individual’s genetic predispositions.

Medical Spa Clinique La Prairie

Q: Has the Revitalisation program seen any changes over the years?

Dr. Heini: The core philosophy remains consistent: to rejuvenate and boost the immune system. However, we consistently refine it to remain at the forefront of regenerative medicine.

Q: As the Medical Director, how do you envision the doctor-patient relationship?

Dr. Heini: We cherish the human connection. During the program, guests will have multiple consultations, fostering trust and ensuring they leave with knowledge that empowers them for lasting results.

By offering programs such as Revitalisation, Clinique La Prairie continues its tradition of merging cutting-edge science with holistic wellness. For those seeking to transform their health, this interview serves as a testament to the clinic’s unparalleled commitment to rejuvenation and longevity.

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