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A Tranquil Oasis: My Wellness Journey at Zulal Wellness Resort

I had the amazing opportunity to visit and experience the beautiful Zulal Wellness Resort at Chiva-Som, and I was incredibly impressed. Not only is it the largest wellness resort in the Middle East, but it is also perfectly located north of Qatar, amidst the desert and mangroves along the coast of the Arabian Gulf.

Zulal Wellness Resort pool

My wellness journey began with a walk through the stunning architectural entrance of Zulal Wellness Resort at Chiva-Som and into the House of Wisdom, where I was warmly greeted with a herbal tea. The impressive design of Zulal immediately captivated me, and the scale and beauty of the property enchants you as you step inside. Each corner of the resort gives off a sense of tranquility and luxury, setting the tone for a rejuvenating and enriching experience. The combination of traditional elements and modern comforts creates an inviting atmosphere that truly embodies the essence of wellness and relaxation.

The Consultations

Upon arrival, I was welcomed into the House of Wisdom, a grand room filled with books on health and wellness, where I was then led to my initial consultation. Zulal Wellness Resort provided a thorough welcome consultation, which included a detailed questionnaire about my family history, physical and mental health, and health patterns. This comprehensive assessment led to the creation of a personalised wellness plan with eight tailored treatments that I had over the course of 4 days.

My tailored eight treatments:

  1. Facial Enhancement Biocellulose (20 mins)

This treatment was truly refreshing. The facial masks and patches used during the session are designed to enhance the skin’s appearance. They contain biocellulose, a natural material produced by bacteria through the fermentation of a nutrient-rich medium. As a result, my skin felt hydrated and noticeably firmer.

2. PKGS – Signature Full Body Tadleek

The “Tadleek” treatment was a unique experience exclusive to Zulal, making it a special part of my visit. This treatment combined traditional methods with modern spa practices, incorporating massages, skincare rituals, and other traditional techniques aimed at promoting wellness and relaxation. It felt amazing to try something so unique and enriching.

3. Package VISIA Facial Imaging

I really enjoyed this treatment, which involved a full face scan capturing high-quality images to evaluate my skin’s health. It assessed various skin conditions, such as wrinkles, spots, pores, and UV damage. The detailed analysis provided personalised insights and recommendations for skincare improvements, making it an informative and beneficial experience.

4. PKGS – Massage Al-Ra’s (Head Massage)

I found the specialised head massage to be incredibly relaxing and stress-relieving. The treatment focused on my scalp, neck, and shoulders, helping to alleviate tension and improve my overall well-being. It was a deeply soothing experience that left me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

5. Signature Full Body Tadleek

The Signature Full Body Tadleek involved traditional massage therapy that combines rhythmic kneading and pressure techniques applied to the entire body. This treatment left me with improved circulation and is meant to promote overall physical well-being. 

6. PKGS – Super Stretch 25

The PKGS Super Stretch session provided valuable insights into my flexibility, especially considering my notoriously tight hamstrings. This guided stretching session lasted 25 minutes and aimed to relieve muscle tension. The focused routine was designed to enhance range of motion and overall physical performance through targeted, weighted body pressure, providing a beneficial experience tailored specifically to my needs.

7. PKGS – Traditional Qatari Hamiz (Deep Tissue)

The PKGS – traditional Qatari Hamiz was an incredible deep tissue massage experience for me. It used firm pressure and slow strokes to target deep layers of muscle and fascia. This therapy focused on alleviating chronic pain, reducing muscle tension, and enhancing overall muscle function. It left me feeling profoundly relaxed and restored, with noticeable improvements in my physical well-being.

8. Package Physical and Postural Assessment 

Lastly, the Package Physical and Postural Assessment at Zulal was incredibly insightful. It involved a thorough evaluation of my body alignment, movement patterns, and overall physical condition. The assessment aimed to uncover any imbalances or issues, offering personalised recommendations to enhance my posture and overall physical health. These tips are invaluable and something I’ll keep in mind for the foreseeable future, ensuring I maintain a healthier lifestyle beyond my time at Zulal.

Zulal Serenity

Between my treatments, I spent most of my time at Zulal Serenity, the serene setting where all my treatments took place. Zulal is divided into two parts: Zulal Discovery and Zulal Serenity, each offering unique wellness experiences. Zulal Serenity is a peaceful space, featuring winding trails through lush gardens with fresh herbs used in the kitchen. I loved the bridges spanning the lagoon pool, connecting different accommodations, each offering private terraces that lead directly to the lagoon pool. It was a delightful touch, allowing me to wake up and enjoy a swim in the lagoon right from my room.

Zulal Facilities and Activities

I kicked off each morning right with a 7 a.m. Hatha Yoga session at the Discovery Lagoon pool, setting the perfect tone for my day at Zulal. The gentle movements and serene environment prepared me for what lay ahead. In addition to yoga, I also participated in a Tai Chi session, further enhancing my wellness experience and promoting balance and mindfulness.

Tai Chi, originating from ancient China, is a gentle exercise practiced globally for its myriad health benefits. This form involves deliberate movements, deep breathing, and meditation, fostering relaxation, balance, and flexibility. Regular practice has shown to reduce stress, improve posture, enhance mental clarity, and boost physical strength and stamina. It complements various wellness activities by promoting a calm mind and a healthier body, making it an ideal fit for comprehensive wellness retreats such as Zulal.

During my 4-day stay, I also fully immersed myself in the spa facilities, which included a Himalayan salt room, a traditional Hammam room, and an Arctic cave. Each provided a unique and therapeutic experience, contributing to my relaxation and rejuvenation journey. Alongside these luxurious treatments, I attended enlightening talks about Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM), gaining valuable insights into holistic wellness practices rooted in cultural traditions.

During my stay, I kept things balanced by focusing on relaxation and sticking to my fitness routine at the well-equipped gym. This approach made sure my time at Zulal was complete, satisfying, and truly enriching.

Tastes of Zulal

During my stay, I made sure to indulge in the incredible culinary offerings of each restaurant. Each dining experience was unique, featuring exquisite service and fresh, high-quality ingredients. These restaurants, each with its own distinctive ambiance and menu, provided a delightful variety of flavours and experiences. Dining poolside was a particular highlight, offering breathtaking views that enhanced the enjoyment of every meal.

To enrich my experience even more, I joined a cooking class where I learned to prepare nutritious meals using fresh, local ingredients from the gardens. This hands-on experience deepened my understanding of how diet plays a crucial role in overall well-being.

Continued wellness

At the end of my stay, we discussed how the treatments had gone and delved into a conversation about maintaining wellness beyond my time at Zulal Wellness Resort. This conversation wasn’t just a review; it was a strategic planning session for my continued wellness journey. I was equipped with valuable knowledge and a tailored plan to maintain the equilibrium I found at Zulal long after my stay.

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