A Weekend of Wellness: Luxury Health Check Up at Pan Pacific London

I had the amazing opportunity to go and experience our new and exclusive Luxury Health Check Up at Pan Pacific London – and was incredibly impressed. Everyone knows that Pan Pacific London is a luxury hotel in the heart of London – literally 30 seconds from Liverpool Street Station – which is perfect for businessmen and businesswomen. But what some people are completely unaware of, is the outstanding spa & wellness offering which has been put together, headed up Director of Wellness, Robbie Leung.

Not only did Pan Pacific London take me through a comprehensive health check-up – analysing my internal organs, my functional body and my nutrition – but there’ve also woven in the ‘SENSORY’ wellbeing throughout the entire stay. Read on to find out about my experience!

Introduction: A Serene Escape in the Heart of the City

My wellness weekend began after clocking off a bit early on a Friday afternoon (though this programme is available throughout the week), where I was welcomed and shown around the impressive property. Having enjoyed a drink in the stunningly-Singaporean Ginger Lily bar the week before, I was most excited about being able to take a look at Silverleaf – a seriously swanky cocktail bar (where wellness is put on pause) – and was not let down. Definitely a must-visit for drinks in central London.

My room boasted breathtaking views and thoughtful touches, Including a healthy juice, a (not-so-healthy) box of treats, and a personalised welcome card – taking me through my stay. ‘Understated Luxury’ is the only way to describe the style of the hotel. Seriously high-end, with a side of modesty.

Body MOT: A Three-Step Journey to Understanding Wellness

The Body MOT at Pan Pacific London are the foundations of the package – it comprises of a three-part comprehensive health check up.

  1. Pnoe Cardiovascular & Metabolic Analysis
  2. TecnoBody D-Wall
  3. Allergen Test

After an initial consultation which ran through my fitness background and wellness goals – I began the Pnoe test. This involved jumping onto the treadmill whilst wearing high tech equipment, which provides real-time, biometric feedback on my performance. This measured my VO2 Max, calories burned, carbohydrates & fat burned, metabolic efficiency, heart rate and power, personal training zones and weightloss.

Next came the Digital D-Wall, which focuses on the body’s external configuration. Within 2 mins, my posture, weight distribution, and flexibility had been analysed, and after performing a series of further exercises, my physical MOT was complete, resulting in a multi-page report detailing where I performed to an optimal level, as well as areas where I had limitation and room to improve. This report provided the perfect foundations for my Personal Trainer to put together a personalised 12-week training programme.

Lastly, came the dreaded Allergen test – which shocked me big time! After scanning 57 common food which can trigger food intolerances it was flagged that I should avoid eating eggs and bananas (which I’m used to eating everyday). I’ve now been advised to remove these for a period of time and evaluate if they have a large effect on my mood and energy levels.

Straits Kitchen: A Culinary Delight

Post-MOT, I indulged in the culinary wonders of Straits Kitchen – the main restaurant at Pan Pacific London. Having been advised the Lobster Laksa by every single person I spoke to during my stay, I couldn’t not try it and immediately knew what the fuss was about. I would 100% recommend this.

Sensory Sleep: A Night of Tailored Tranquility

The Sensory sleep programme is another key area where wellness has been subtly woven into the experience.

Nestled in the embrace of Pan Pacific London’s luxury, the Sensory Sleep programme emerges as a standout star, meticulously designed to cultivate the ultimate sleep experience. Imagine controlling the climate of your bed with the cutting-edge OOLER® sleep system, setting the perfect temperature range from a cool 13°C to a cozy 46°C to drift off into dreamland. The Mela Comfort weighted blanket is another gem in this sleep crown, offering a gentle, stress-melting embrace, ensuring you awaken refreshed and recharged.

This is more than just a bed; it’s a bespoke sleep haven. From the sumptuous Hypnos beds complete with a topper that whispers ‘comfort’, to the finest 100% Italian cotton sheets wrapping you in luxury. The choice of pillows, from feather-soft to supportive memory foam, all crowned with a delicate mist for your pillow, means every detail is curated for your tranquility.

But the Sensory Sleep Experience doesn’t stop at the bedding. It extends to a suite of additional services like guided yoga, top-notch bath products, and a menu of snacks and drinks that are not only delicious but also chosen by our nutritionists and sleep experts to promote a night of serene slumber. And for those moments before sleep, pick from our selection of calming reads, setting the stage for a night where rest meets luxury, all within the heart of London.

Check Out: Lingering in Leisure

Waking up rejuvenated, I was presented with a choice of treatments tailored to the insights from the Body MOT. The bamboo massage won me over, perfectly aligning with my need for a deeper, sports-focused recovery session. Post-massage, the indulgence didn’t have to end — the Pan Pacific team graciously extended my access to the spa facilities, allowing me to savor the tranquility and luxury for the entire afternoon, making my departure from this wellness sanctuary as leisurely as the stay itself.

Follow-Up: The Roadmap to Continued Wellness

The journey didn’t end with check-out. Robbie and I reconvened over a call to dissect the comprehensive results from the tests. This conversation wasn’t just a review; it was a strategic planning session for my continued wellness journey, equipping me with knowledge and a tailored plan to maintain the equilibrium I found at Pan Pacific London long after my stay.

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