Health Travel Magazine - Digest 2024

Your Guide to the Best Exercise Retreats in Europe

2024 is the year for getting fit. We’ve noted the best luxury exercise holidays in the world’s most jaw-dropping locations. For long-lasting results and positive lifestyle changes, Health Travel’s expert-led workout programmes combine leading practitioners with top of the range training and equipment, and opportunities to deeply reconnect in nature. Looking for more, browse all Fitness Retreats.

1. Weight Loss and Sport at Lily of the Valley, France

Lily of the Valley’s Shape Club is a fantastic wellness space

The French Riviera has long been a coveted destination for health and wellness seekers, famed for its healing sea air and laidback Mediterranean lifestyle. Lily of the Valley, with its enviable ocean-view setting in La Croix Valmer, is the perfect spot to make the most of the area whilst also nurturing your physical wellbeing.

Their revolutionary Shape Club, with programmes developed by the renowned nutritionist, Dr Jacques Fricker, holds everything you need to transform your health. The Weight Loss and Sport retreat allows you to improve your fitness and challenge yourself, whilst simultaneously losing weight and toning up. A light, wellness dedicated menu and use of the Shape Club’s state of the art pool and fitness rooms are there to support your journey.

2. Exercise at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Relax and restore in Grand Resort Bad Ragaz’s thermal pools in between training sessions

Set against a picturesque backdrop of snow-capped Alps and sparkling lakes, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz and its healing thermal springs make the perfect setting for an exercise retreat. The highly knowledgeable team of experts at this renowned medical spa are the ideal guides to sculpt your personalised transformation journey.

The range of treatments and specialists available during the Exercise Programme are second to none, covering every aspect of fitness, strength, and recovery. Beginning with advanced diagnostics and consultations to determine your needs, the programme uses tailored personal training sessions and nutritional advice to help you achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself.

3. Fitness Focus at One & Only Portonovi, Montenegro

Level up your work out with stunning views of the Bay of Kotor

Combining the natural beauty of the Bay of Kotor on the coast of Montenegro with the sophisticated science of the Chenot Method, One & Only Portonovi is a wellness hotel with the best of both worlds. Their luxury Chenot Espace spa can accommodate high-tech tests and diagnostics to give a complete picture of your overall health.

Discover how to achieve optimal fitness performance with their Retreat, which begins by establishing your strengths and areas for improvement through tests and consultations. No matter your age, the bespoke treatments set out by their team of experts will set you on track to increased fitness and energy.

4. Yoga & Fitness at Euphoria Retreat, Greece

Get close to nature with outdoor fitness sessions at Euphoria Retreat

Balancing abundant nature with its rich and mystical history, Euphoria Retreat is nestled in the historical landscape of the Peloponnese in southern Greece, sprinkled with pine forests, picturesque hilltop villages and the majestic backdrop of Mount Taygetus. Channel the strength and courage of the ancient Spartan warriors who trained here before you, sourcing inspiration from the region’s rich cultural history.

Increase your physical health with the feel-good Yoga & Fitness Retreat, which forms a deep connection between mind and body through yoga practice and active training. Mindful movement develops your strength, coordination, and flexibility, while personal training sessions make the most of the great outdoors, immersing you in the tranquil surroundings.

5. Health Enhancer Retreat at Grantley Hall, UK

Grantley Hall welcomes you to the heart of the Yorkshire Dales for a luxury fitness retreat

Head to the wildly beautiful Yorkshire Dales, where the exceptional Grantley Hall sits at the heart of these rugged landscapes, perfectly situated for exploring the great outdoors and rediscovering balance within yourself.

The resort’s intensive 3-night Health Enhancer retreat combines exercise and nutrition guidance with a state of the art spa and wellness space, featuring underwater treadmills, cryotherapy, and a range of expert practitioners. Take the first steps towards reaching your health and fitness goals and achieve a long-lasting positive life change through education and good habits.

6. Metabolic Balance at Brenners Park Hotel & Spa, Germany

This historic hotel is situated in the mesmerising Black Forest

What better place to go for an exercise retreat than the wellness Mecca of Baden-Baden? This German spa town and world-renowned wellness destination is home to the historic Brenners Park Hotel and Villa Stéphanie; a luxury spa retreat which is home to an extensive team of medical experts and practitioners.

Focussing on rebooting your body from the inside out, the Metabolic Balance retreat aims to reset your metabolism and bring your body back to its optimal function for fitness, movement, and vitality. Diagnostics and consultations lead to an individualised plan of physiotherapy, personal training, tissue work, nutrition, and treatments to leave you confident in your inner health and performance.

7. Fitness at Six Senses Douro Valley, Portugal

Where better to enjoy a fitness retreat than here, with panoramic views of the Douro Valley?

Overlooking the sun-saturated hills that guard the River Douro as it winds lazily through the golden vineyards, Six Senses Douro Valley’s spellbinding views are matched only by its impressive range of spa and wellness programmes, including the motivational Exercise retreat.

Designed to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether that’s reaching a specific target, toning up, or generally improving your health, Six Senses Douro Valley’s motivational practitioners create a nurturing environment for growth and change. High and low intensity training is mixed with recovery time and spa treatments to support your body on its journey.

8. Nescens Bootcamp at La Reserve Ramatuelle, France

Look out across the French Riviera at La Reserve Ramatuelle

Escape to the South of France, where fragrant pines and olive groves meet the azure Mediterranean. Here lies La Reserve Ramatuelle, a secluded haven overlooking Saint Tropez. People have long flocked to this sun-soaked coastline in search of wellness, where the magical views and revitalising sea air make it the perfect location for a luxury wellness retreat.

The Nescens Bootcamp is an invigorating exercise retreat which includes Nordic walking, luxurious spa treatments, and fitness and wellbeing activities designed to promote youthfulness, fuelled by light, yet nutritionally-dense, Mediterranean cuisine. Tailored to your individual goals, your sports coach will guide you through a range of scenic hikes and soothing recovery sessions to boost your energy and overall fitness as you soak up the Mediterranean sun.

9. Fitness & Energy at Marbella Club Hotel, Spain

Marbella Club Hotel prides itself on having a deeply nurturing environment

Basking in the golden Mediterranean sun on the shores of Spain’s Andalusian coastline, Marbella Club Hotel is a welcoming, beachside escape bursting with nurturing treatments and refreshing charm. Rest and restore on the beach or in their Thalasso Spa, while revitalising your physical and mental wellbeing with the Fitness & Energy Retreat.

This luxury retreat is designed to boost your strength and stamina through a bespoke regime of personal training sessions and expert consultations, as well as intensive recovery sessions in the spa. Sports massages with added minerals and restorative jet baths help to keep your body at peak performance and ready to take on the next challenge.

If you are interested in transforming your own health and fitness, browse all of our Fitness Retreats or speak to one of our travel specialists through WhatsApp or our online enquiry form to beginning planning a retreat.