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Europe’s best weight loss retreats

Achieve a fitter and healthier lifestyle with a luxury weight-loss programme from one of the world’s leading health and wellness hotels.

As I write this post we have been in Coronavirus lockdown for over 100 days. That’s 100 days of possibly snacking a little too much and doing a little less exercise than we normally would. Think about how much you would move around in a normal 100 days. You might be going to business meetings, socialising with friends and family, going to the gym, shopping, exploring… That’s a lot of movement to lose all of a sudden.

Add to that, it is an unusual situation we find ourselves in. Lockdown is not a natural state for many of us. This can cause additional mental stresses we are not used to. Additional stress can often lead to comfort eating. This period has not been easy for maintaining a healthy weight.

Many of us can’t wait to get back out into the world and travel again. We want to see the mountains, walk on the beaches and breath fresh air. What better way to restart your travel, than with a healthy, luxury weight-loss retreat?

Why do we at Health Travel believe that a weight-loss retreat is an ideal trip to take right now?

  • Shed some of those extra lock-down pounds and feel re-invigorated
  • Enjoy the luxury of one of the Europe’s (and the World’s) best weight loss retreats
  • Travel with the additional confidence that you are visiting a clean and healthy environment
  • All of the featured wellness hotels & weight-loss programmes are currently open for guests (At the time of writing. We are constantly reviewing and updating)
  • Health Travel’s concierge advisors and service can tailor the perfect luxury weight-loss retreat package for you, whether you are travelling solo, as a couple or as a family

Europe’s best weight-loss retreats

Optimal Weight by SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain

SHA Wellness Clinic

Regulate your metabolism in a healthy and lasting way.

SHA Wellness aims to help you achieve an optimal weight in a healthy, progressive and balanced way, under strict medical and nutritional supervision. They provide you with continuity to achieving your ideal weight once you return home, thanks to techniques and healthy lifestyle habits learned at SHA, to avoid a rebound effect.

Their extensive programme and methodology includes:

  • A food plan and personalised health plan.
  • Measurement and monitoring of weight and body composition.
  • Physical exercise with personalised individual training, including group sessions.
  • Natural therapies and hight-tech treatments sessions focused on weight reduction.
  • Lifestyle recommendations and activities that promote learning new healthy habits.
  • An extensive range of wellness focused treatments, including underwater massage, a cryotherapy session, lymphatic drainage and much more…

There are 7, 14 & 21 day weight loss programs available. Get in touch for more details and to reserve your weight loss retreat with one of our wellness advisors.

Weight Loss System by Clinique La Prairie, Montreux, Switzerland

Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland

Rediscover the vitality and pleasure of living your life at a healthy weight. Leave your weight concerns in your past, for good, and let their experts transform your approach to eating and lifestyle.

Clinique La Prairie help kickstart your weight loss plan and improve your quality of life with a results-focused, holistic system tailored to your personal profile. As pioneers in wellbeing and healthy-living research for many decades, Clinique La Prairie has developed a highly effective approach to weight loss. They focus on restoring your fitness and stabilising your metabolism, with lasting results.

Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland

Their extensive programme and methodology includes:

  • A state-of-the art health screening with medical experts
  • Personally designed menus to encourage and provide healthy nutrition
  • Personalised fitness plan to get you moving
  • Slimming spa treatments to tone and sculpt your body
  • A personal plan to create a future of health and wellbeing

Clinique La Prairie offers both 7 & 14 day weight loss programmes. Get in touch for more details and to reserve your weight loss retreat with one of our wellness advisors.

10-day Weight Loss Programme by Brenners Park Villa Stephanie, Baden-Baden, Germany

Brenners Park Hotel, Germany

Shape your body in 10 days

Villa Stephanie is a place of relaxation and luxury healthcare hospitality.

Combining pleasure with health results, losing weight with enjoyment and medical effectiveness with a familiar atmosphere. Your Weight Loss expert will be at your side for this personalised extremely effective 10-day programme. Following medical and metabolism analysis, you are prescribed spa slimming treatments, a vitalising menu and a fitness regime.

Brenners Park Hotel, Germany

Their extensive programme and methodology includes:

  • A comprehensive medical analysis
  • Blood analysis in order to check your metabolism and important vital substances
  • Body analysis with a weight loss specialist
  • Nine 60 minute personal training sessions
  • A wide range of revitalising treatments including: full body massage, revitalising muscle relaxation alkaline bath, lymphatic drainage, detoxifying body and face treatment and more…
  • Tailor-made menu plan including recipes for you to take home
  • Daily full board meals prepared in the Vitalizing Kitchen in accordance with your menu plan

Villa Stephanie’s weight loss programme lasts for 10 days. Get in touch for more details and to reserve your weight loss retreat with one of our wellness advisors.

Weight-loss retreat by Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Feel lighter – physically and emotionally.

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is one of the most well-renowned spa hotels in Switzerland. The main reason for this is the Bad Ragaz thermal spa, which offers peace and vitality in body, mind and soul. Through holistic medicine, clean food and tailored fitness sessions, their weight loss retreat enables you to achieve long-lasting success and undergo a real transformation.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Their extensive programme and methodology includes:

  • Comprehensive medical history
  • Laboratory tests of liver, kidney and thyroid function, blood sugar and blood lipid levels, as well as a complete blood count (haemogram)
  • Cardiovascular screening using ergometry (resting and stress ECG)
  • Measurement of fat and muscle mass
  • Analysis of dietary habits and physical activity
  • Full board with healthy cuisine
  • Six personal training sessions

The weight loss retreat lasts for 7 days with the option of an extension week. Get in touch for more details and to reserve your weight loss retreat with one of our wellness advisors.

Functional Weight Loss by Capri Palace, Anacapri, Italy

Capri Palace, Italy

Find your perfect shape and body balance

Capri Palace’s special programme is designed to aid weight loss and is developed in collaboration with the renowned University of Milan. Based on medical and scientific principles, this exclusive programme is accomplished through a set of clinical tests for the assessment of basal metabolic rate and body mass. The goal of this programme is to obtain a correct and effective weight loss through a combination of a nutritional regime, high tech solution treatments aimed to accelerate body metabolism and personalised physical activity regimes.

Their extensive programme and methodology includes:

  • General medical consultation at the beginning, midway through and at the end of the programme
  • Nutritional anamnesis tests, body composition analysis, calorimetric tests to determinate basal metabolic activity
  • General blood test
  • Consultation with a nutritionist
  • Determination and prescription of a “starting” and “maintaining” diet
  • Nutrition plan and follow-up during the stay
  • Derma-aesthetic consultation
  • Introductory evaluation by a personal trainer
  • A range of wellness & spa treatments including: a thalasso body scrub, a seaweed detox wrap, a drainage massage, a body contouring treatment and much more…
  • 3 Sessions with a personal trainer
  • Daily acquagym lessons
  • Natural herbal tea, according to the prescription

The functional weight loss programme lasts for 7 days. Get in touch for more details and to reserve your weight loss retreat with one of our wellness advisors.