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Executive Retreats: Health Travels guide to the Top 10 Executive Health and Performance Retreats

With the increasing demands and pressures placed upon high performing executives, it’s no wonder that executive health and wellness is becoming a fundamental part of forward thinking business strategies.

Expert led wellness hotels, from all corners of the globe, are also recognising the importance of executive health, and how vital it is not only for the longevity of the individual, but also for the longevity of the businesses that they work with. Carefully curated stress management programmes, comprehensive medical check ups, burnout prevention retreats, and rest and rejuvenation getaways, are becoming increasingly popular amongst corporate businesses, with the clear aim to protect, nurture, and maintain the health and wellbeing of their valued and hard working employees.

With this in mind, Health Travel has curated a guide to the top 10 executive health and performance retreats that we believe will provide individuals with the tools to manage stress and workload, and the time to manage and take of their health in order to perform at their best. Ready to book? Book an executive retreat with Health Travel now.

1. Leaders Performance Programme at SHA Wellness, Spain

Located on the sun-soaked Mediterranean coastline, SHA Wellness Clinic is the leading provider of high tech health and wellness retreats. The Leaders Performance Programme has been specifically designed for leaders who are exposed to high levels of stress, heavy workloads, and constant travel, leaving very little time to pay attention to their health. Combining both scientific, and holistic medicine methodologies, alongside the use of cutting edge technology, neuro-cognitive treatments, in depth consultations, personalised fitness sessions and meal plans, this programme is the ultimate wellness experience for any leadership retreat.

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2. Regenerate Programme at Palazzo Fiuggi, Italy

Abundant with historic character, and set amongst the beautiful Italian countryside, Palazzo Fiuggi is the perfect backdrop for your next executive or corporate wellness retreat. The Regenerate Programme begins with a fully personalised health consultation to set out the most suitable itinerary for guests during their stay. Their holistic approach provides the optimal conditions to regenerate the body, reduce stress levels, relieve signs of burnout, rest, recuperate, and find balance in both the mind and body.

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3. Full Medical Check Up at Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland

Beautifully situated on Lake Geneva, and with the Alps as a backdrop, Clinique La Prairie provides the perfect location for guests to dedicate time and attention to their health and wellbeing. They have designed this first-class diagnostic and screening programme for individuals who are short on time, but would like to have a comprehensive health check-up, and thorough picture of the state of their health. This programme is an ideal opportunity for directors, executives, and leaders, who live in a fast paced environment, to take a step back and focus on their health needs.

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4. Stress Management Retreat at Lefay Resort & Spa, Lake Garda

The sweeping views of Lake Garda, and it’s surrounding Italian countryside, provides a serene environment for any executive retreat, or corporate getaway. Lefay Resort & Spa’s Stress Management Programme is designed to remove individuals from the stresses and pressures of their day to day, to focus on reconnecting them back to themselves, and restoring the bodies natural equilibrium. Combining neuroscience, with traditional  Chinese medicine, their team of specialists aim to reduce overall stress levels, also enabling the mind and body to better deal with stress in the future.

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5. Balance & Revitalise at Kamalaya, Thailand

Kamalaya recognises the pressures of modern day living, and how it can be difficult to strike a healthy work-life balance. Balance & Revitalise is the ideal programme for any corporate wellness retreat or executive getaway, helping individuals to calm the nervous system, prevent a state of burnout, and to reduce any amount stress levels placed upon them. The sandy shores of Koh Samui provide a tranquil environment for guests to rejuvenate and reconnect, while also acquiring the tools to integrate a re-established balance back into everyday life.

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6. Recharge at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

The Recharge Programme at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has been carefully designed by their knowledgeable team to enable guests to consciously relax and recharge their batteries. With the help of the fresh Swiss mountain air, this programme combines regenerative treatments, natural thermal springs, yoga, massage, self-care and emotional balance techniques, to return guests back to a state of peace, and calm. Becoming ever more important in the fast paced corporate world, the team will also equip individuals with the tools to maintain energy reserves during day to day living.

Book the Recharge Programme at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

7. Rebalance & Energise at SHA Mexico

SHA Mexico provides a haven of peace, nestled alongside the glistening Caribbean sea, for anybody looking to escape the stresses of modern living. A far cry from the fast paced environment of the corporate world, individuals embarking on the Rebalance and Energise Programme undertake a bespoke path to rejuvenation, with the help and support of world leading wellness experts. The programme combines state of the art medical expertise, with natural healing traditions, to relieve stress, and revitalise the body’s systems at a cellular level.

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8. Relax & De-Stress at Euphoria Retreat, Greece

In today’s high pressured corporate world, it is vital that leaders, executives, and key decision makers are equipped with ways of managing and relieving stress levels. Combining therapies, gentle movement, nutrition, and meditative practices, the Relax & De-Stress Programme at Euphoria Retreat aims to do exactly that. Nestled amongst the pine forests on the Peloponnese Peninsula, the surroundings perfectly support the immersion into calm, relaxation and rejuvenation.

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9. De-stress at RAKxa Integrative Wellness, Thailand

RAKxa Integrative Wellness is a sanctuary for anyone looking to find a state of wholeness and empowerment when it comes to their health. The De-Stress Programme addresses the physiological and environmental factors that contribute to high stress levels, establishing a bespoke path to healing and restoration. Ideal for a corporate wellness retreat, this programme will combine modern and traditional medicine to provide a truly holistic overhaul of an employees health.

Book the Destress Programme at RAKxa Integrative Wellness

10. Natural Renewal Retreat at Chiva-Som, Thailand

Chiva-Som is an award winning health and wellness property, situated on the beautiful Gulf of Thailand. For high performing executives, this is the perfect haven to focus on specific health concerns, and the potential root causes of these. Chiva-Som’s highly experienced wellness team will work holistically to develop a bespoke programme which will transform the lifestyle, mindset, behaviours, and overall health of an individual. The highly acclaimed, and well renowned spa, is a wonderful complement to the wellness journey that is undertaken at this beautiful property.

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