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Experiencing Rakxa Retreat: Where Modern Medicine Meets Ancient Healing

Embarking on a journey to wellness at RAKxa Integrative Wellness is to step into a world where each day is a finely planned harmony of holistic wellness, nutrition and medical expertise. A 60 Acre estate nestled in the verdant “Green Lung” on the outskirts of Bangkok, RAKxa stands as a beacon of holistic well-being, where modern medical precision meets the nurturing touch of ancient traditions.

A Day In The Life Of RAKxa:

As dawn broke, the serene environment of RAKxa welcomed me into a new day. The morning air, filled with the subtle sounds of nature, invited me to start my day the right way: with a delightful healthy breakfast. Here, the fusion of Western and Thai cuisines with a health-centric twist provides a nourishing start. Unlike some health retreats, your calories are not strictly capped. However the restaurant staff will discreetly keep an eye on each guests’ breakfast intake, and subtly adjust their lunch and dinner menu (up or down) so that their dietary journey is on track without ever feeling restrictive. A nice touch is that each guest is provided with their own bicycle to get around the estate, should they prefer that to golf buggies. So I headed back to my stunning pool villa to digest breakfast and enjoy views of the estate’s lagoon before the start of my day’s busy programme.

The day progressed with a visit to VitaLife, RAKxa’s state-of-the-art on-site medical facility, developed with Bumrungrad International Hospital. Here I had a consultation with one of the doctors who offered profound insights into the interconnectedness of our bodily systems, particularly the pivotal role of gut health in overall well-being. This session helped to guide some of the treatments I would have later on in my stay, all of which is artfully coordinated and updated by the wellness team. If a doctor or practitioner makes a change to your program, then shortly after you will find a small ‘message bag’ hanging on the door of your villa with an updated program schedule. Indeed the communication between the teams at RAKxa is second to none. Doctors of modern medicine, doctors of traditional medicine, chefs, physios and more, are all in very regular contact behind the scenes to update each other about a guest’s progress. For me this led to one of the most seamless and personalised stays i have ever experienced.

Following a personalised lunch menu and some time to digest, it was time to visit RAKxa Gaya, the very well equipped medical gym. Their personal trainers gave me a functional fitness test to gain a deep understanding of my unique physicality. Armed with this detailed assessment, they then guided me through a regimen focused on flexibility, stability and core strength. They even recorded a personalised private YouTube video of the workout routine which i can follow when back at home. I really enjoyed this personal training session, as it was different to the sometimes hard-core approaches to fitness we follow in the UK. Whilst i still felt like i had a work out, it was somehow more restorative, leaving me feeling improved rather than exhausted.

The afternoon ushered in a period of tranquil relaxation in RAKxa Jai, their holistic treatment centre. Here I unwound hydrotherapy pools and herbal steam rooms before enjoying a series of personalised treatments. Once again the experienced was enhanced by the staff’s excellent internal communication. As the professional providing my treatment had already been informed by the personal trainer, which areas i am most tense.

Feeling truly relaxed and invigorated it was time to round out the day with another delightful meal. Before dinner you are always offered a home-made kombucha of the day, along with home-baked sourdough and gluten free bread. A large number of the ingredients used in the meals are sourced not just locally, but from the RAKxa estate itself. Their team organically grows fruits, vegetables, teas and more on site for maximum freshness, flavour and nutrition. Tea is a major feature at RAKxa , as they have their own tea-house and over 200 different blends. So I was to finish the meal, and the day, i was offered a personalised tea blend to aid digestion and sleep.

Exploring Rakxa’s Estate: The Pillars of the Retreat

RAKxa Gaya

RAKxa Gaya is not just a gym; it’s a place for learning about, and transforming your body. A place where cutting-edge technology and personalised training converge to sculpt a stronger, more agile you. Centred around a main gym room, guests can also avail themselves of yoga studios and reformer pilates equipment. And being situated next to the large main swimming pool, it’s ideal to relax post workout.


At Vita Life, the alliance between RAKxa and the renowned Bumrungrad International Hospital manifests in a spectrum of medical services that blend seamlessly with the retreat’s holistic ethos. For most guests the medical team will be performing a series of medical checks and personalised health treatments. However, The team can arrange more complex procedures in conjunction with the hospital. And they are also equipped to support guests requiring recovery after having serious medical interventions such as chemotherapy.

RAKxa Jai

The Jai holistic treatment centre is where the soul of traditional healing practices breathes life into modern wellness philosophies, offering a restorative haven for those seeking peace and rejuvenation. Unique treatments like abdominal massages and lymphatic drainage speak to the body in the subtlest of languages, promoting internal healing and balance. From Ayurveda to Traditional Thai medicine, a range of experts are on hand to compliment your program with an additional perspective.

The Culinary Journey: Nourishment for Body and Soul

At Rakxa, the restaurant and tea house serve as captivating stages, showcasing the artistry of the culinary artisans. With meticulous attention to detail, they skillfully combine flavours, textures, and ingredients to create culinary masterpieces that are as visually stunning as they are delectable and healthy.

Each dish served at RAKxa’s restaurant and tea house is thoughtfully designed to provide not only a sensational dining experience but also a nourishing one. The chefs prioritise the use of fresh, organic, locally sourced ingredients, ensuring that every bite is bursting with flavour and packed with essential nutrients.

The Villas: A Personal Haven

The villa accommodation at RAKxa provides a private retreat within the overall retreat experience. It is a space specifically designed for personal solace, where every detail is tailored to ensure comfort and serenity.

Conclusion: The Journey’s End and a New Beginning

RAKxa’s promise of a transformative journey is realised in the seamless tapestry of its offerings. It’s a narrative that extends beyond the stay, a personal renaissance that intertwines the wisdom of the past with the innovations of the present, ensuring that the essence of RAKxa’s healing spirit lingers long after you’ve returned to the rhythms of everyday life.

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