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How medical testing can support your wellness journey

While many may not be aware of private medical testing and its benefits, at Health Travel we understand the positive impact it can have on your wellness journey, and we’re partnering with one of London’s leading providers of private and at home medical testing in order to enhance your wellness experience.

What is private medical testing?

Private medical testing and consultations can give you a valuable insight into the state of your health and wellbeing, with testing for a range of factors giving a comprehensive overview of your body’s performance. It can be a useful tool for increasing longevity, creating awareness about your health, and putting in place a plan of action or preventative measures to ensure long term wellbeing.

These tests can be conducted at a clinic, or can be posted to you at home for your comfort and convenience, followed by a detailed report of the results, and consultations and recommendations either online or in person.

Medical testing can be conducted in a clinic or through at home test packs

What kind of tests are included?

There are different test packages available, so you can find one to match your health concerns and goals. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies and food intolerances are all covered, as are gut health and microbiome tests. Functional health blood tests and wellbeing questionnaires can assess your overall health, accompanied by personalised consultations. Mental and emotional health, and nutrition consultations are also included.

Everything from gut health to vitamin and mineral deficiencies can be assessed

PAAR London

At Health Travel, we’ve partnered with PAAR London to provide private health checks and consultations both in London, and in the comfort of your own home. PAAR are medical experts in holistic wellbeing who specialise in awakening the body’s innate ability to heal itself. They use the results of your medical testing to develop personalised anti-ageing and rejuvenation plans led by relevant specialists, in order to promote longevity and better health.

Our partnership with them enables you to get discounted medical testing at home, as well as pre-departure testing in preparation for your Health Travel tailored retreat.

Set a path towards better health and longevity starting with medical testing

How can medical testing work with a retreat?

Many of our retreats include medical consultations and a range of tests upon arrival to determine the specifics of your wellness journey. Through our partnership with PAAR, tests can be done at home before your departure, giving you a useful insight into your health, and guidance to choose a retreat that’s better suited to you and your needs.

Additionally, some of our hotel partners work directly with PAAR. In these cases, your PAAR test results can be forwarded to your wellness resort ready for your arrival. This means that your doctor and practitioners will have all your health information in advance, and therefore your initial consultations can instead focus on your treatment plan, great for enhancing your retreat experience.

Kamalaya Koh Samui in Thailand is just one of our hotels that works with PAAR testing

The best medical spas in Europe

For the ultimate in-depth health assessment, discover our pick of the best medical spas in Europe. Each of these world-leading establishments comes with its own team of medical experts and a highly scientific method of testing and diagnostics, for an unparalleled insight into your health and a life-changing personalised retreat.

For an in-depth medical assessment and testing, head to one of Europe’s best medical spas