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Journey to Peace: Living Mindfully, Aman New York

Date: 27th-30th October 2023

Bon Buddhist master and scholar, Geshe La, returns to Aman New York to lead guests through a four-day transformative retreat revealing the practical skills needed to find peace in everyday life. The journey focuses on creating a space for peace to enter through a daily programme of group breathwork, meditation and chanting, as well as bespoke training sessions on living in the present.

The search for peace – achieving and maintaining a state of serenity in heart, mind and spirit – unites us as a global community and serves as the founding pillar of Aman’s philosophy and the meaning of its name. Through the ancient wisdom of the Bon tradition, Geshe YongDong will help participants to cultivate this elusive and sought-after state within.

A master of the Bon Dzogchen tradition, Geshe La has achieved the highest monastic degree in Buddhism, that of Rajampa Geshe. His spiritual journey began in Tibet and has seen him studying with the 14th Dalai Lama and teaching YungDrung Bon Buddhism at his three centres of Buddhist learning in Canada, Columbia and Costa Rica.

Retreat Inclusions:

  • Three-night stay at Aman New York.
  • Daily breakfast at Arva.
  • 90-minute Aman Signature Spa Treatment.
  • A closing lunch with Geshe La.

Group daily programme with Geshe La includes:

  • Breathwork, Tsa Lunch and meditation practice.
  • Workshops on changing perceptions, letting go of attachment to find acceptance, healing anger, calming the breath to calm the mind and living mindfully.
  • Chanting and mantra meditation.

Price: From $12,500 per person (Based on single occupancy)

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