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Luxury Holidays in Africa & The Middle East 2024

Embark on a journey of discovery and indulgence in Africa and the Middle East, regions renowned for their timeless landscapes, ancient monuments, and unparalleled hospitality.

Luxury Holidays in the Middle East: Habitas Alula

When to Go:

The best time to visit Africa and the Middle East varies by region. For safari adventures in East Africa, the dry seasons from June to October and December to February are ideal. Southern Africa is best visited from May to September when the weather is cooler and wildlife viewing is at its peak. The Middle East, with its desert climate, is most comfortable during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) months, avoiding the extreme summer heat.

Luxury Holidays in The Middle East: Morocco Amanjena

What to Do:

Africa and the Middle East offer unique experiences for the luxury traveller:

  • Cultural Richness: Explore the rich tapestry of cultures with private guided tours of Egypt’s ancient pyramids, Morocco’s historic medinas, or the archaeological wonders of Petra in Jordan.
  • Wildlife and Nature: Embark on a luxury safari in the Serengeti or Kruger National Park with exclusive lodges and expert guides. In the Middle East, venture into the desert for a luxury camp experience under the stars.
  • Modern Luxury: Delight in the opulence of cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where cutting-edge architecture meets traditional luxury. Enjoy high-end shopping, gourmet dining, and five-star spa experiences.
Middle East Luxury

Why You’ll Love It:

Stay in world-class hotels that offer a fusion of local charm and modern luxury. From opulent resorts in the UAE to intimate safari camps in Botswana, each accommodation is chosen for its excellence in service, location, and unique character. Experience personalised services that cater to your every need, ensuring a memorable and relaxing holiday.

Adventures at Habitas AlUla

Wellness in Africa & The Middle East:

Wellness Hotels in Africa & The Middle East

This region is home to several top-tier wellness hotels, where traditional healing practices meet modern wellness techniques. These hotels offer everything from spa treatments that use local ingredients to wellness programs designed to harmonise body, mind, and spirit. Royal Mansour Marrakech is one of the most luxury wellness hotels in Africa, owned by the King of Morocco, and is the perfect place to kick back and recuperate. Zulal by Chiva-Som is one of the best Wellness Hotels in the Middle East, having opened in 2022.

Wellness Retreats in Africa & The Middle East

Partake in wellness retreats that are as diverse as the landscapes themselves. Whether it’s a yoga retreat in the Saudi dessert or a peaceful health retreat hidden somehow in within the bustling city of Marrakech. Some of the Wellness Retreats in Africa & The Middle East can really take your wellness journey to the next level.

Luxury Holidays in Qatar

A luxury holiday in Africa and the Middle East is an extraordinary journey through landscapes filled with wonders and cities brimming with marvels. With Health Travel, your holiday will be meticulously planned to ensure a seamless experience that delights and inspires.