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Luxury Retreats for the Cool Season at Six Senses Ibiza

With most summer destination hotels around Europe closing during the winter, the cool season at Six Senses Ibiza feels like a warm embrace, welcoming you for retreats to reconnect with yourself. The island only gets more beautiful as the rich colours of the sunset burn even brighter, leaving space to enjoy the season with refreshed minds, peaceful hearts, and strong, healthy bodies.

Discover Six Senses Ibiza’s special winter retreat programmes to free up some time in your schedule for some ‘me’ time.

1. ‘Face Reading For Your Success in 2022’ with Eric Standop

Six Senses Ibiza, Spain

The face has a universal language that can tell the story of your thoughts and feelings. It can reveal our personality as well as our abilities. By comprehending the face, you gain access to a reliable source of health and nutrition information and guidance for your path and life purpose.

During the week of December 2-5th 2021, the Six Senses Ibiza will be hosting a one-of-a-kind Face Reading retreat with guest presenter Eric Standop, an internationally renowned face reading and facial diagnostics expert. In this three-day retreat, learn how to use the vocabulary of facial features, such as eyes and mouth, but also micro expressions and combine them with innate intuition. The workshop gives eye-opening insights into yourself and others and helpful answers ready for a successful new year.

You will learn the rules and secrets of years of practice of foundations of face reading you must know if you want to understand others, but foremost yourself.

2. Bodyflow Signature Immersion

Bodyflow Signature Immersion

Whether you’re feeling listless and uninspired, stuck in your daily routine, struggling with health imbalances or habits that aren’t serving you well, a Bodyflow Signature Immersion Retreat in Ibiza on March 23-27th 2022 will restore your sense of lightness, curiosity, and love of life.

Unleash your true potential in a retreat curated and led by Israel-born detox expert Shlomo Dharma, exclusively designed for Six Senses Ibiza. Shlomo Dharma, a natural healer, iridologist, Reiki Master, and Tibetan pulse medicine practitioner, has developed a unique multi-dimensional healing method based on the teachings of natural health guru Dr. Bernard Jensen.

Fill your days with everything that nourishes you, on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. With an effective and safe juice cleanse as the foundation, retreat combines movement and ancient energy healing techniques to create a sense of openness and joy. This ignites a process in which you naturally release, let go and refocus while cultivating awareness for your inner wisdom, whether it is through art therapy and sharing circles or sound therapy and biohack treatments.

3. Sleep Wellness Retreat

Sleeping Wellness Retreat

The Sleep Wellness Retreat is available all year round for those who find it hard to get to sleep or sleep through the night, often wake up feeling groggy and unrefreshed.

Throughout the stay of three to seven nights, experience an expert-designed transformative journey improving bespoke sleep patterns, restoring energy levels, establishing a sustainable sleep routine through a series of private activities including yoga or personal training, cryotherapy session and personalised consultations.

4. Discover Yoga Retreat

Discover Yoga Retreat

Immerse yourself in a daily practice of hatha yoga to maintain body and mind balance from three to seven-day personalised retreat, relieving stress, tension and muscle stiffness.

Keep the body strong, centered, powerful and flexible, while learning to quiet the mind by understanding how the body engages in each posture and enhancing the body’s natural intuition with individualised yoga sessions, pranayama, meditation, and hammam relaxation.

Six Senses Ibiza, Spain

If you are ready to learn and rediscover yourself on a beautiful journey in Spain, get in touch with our Health Travel Wellness Travel Specialists via our online form or directly on WhatsApp for quick-fire ideas and questions.