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Nihi Sumba: A World of Secluded Adventure and Ultimate Luxury

A Remote Oasis of Luxury

Nihi Sumba beckons to those seeking a paradise where pristine nature harmoniously intertwines with unbridled luxury. Tucked away on the secluded Indonesian island of Sumba, this breathtaking resort stands as a testament to the perfect union of adventure and serenity. Voted the world’s best hotel not once, but twice by Travel + Leisure magazine, Nihi Sumba offers an exclusive escape from the bustling world. The resort boasts 27 private villas, each featuring its own infinity pool and spectacular ocean views, setting the stage for unforgettable experiences.

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Read about the incredible opportunities on offer at Nihi Sumba, and then get in touch to enquire about putting together a Tailor Made programme for your stay.

Adventure on Sea

Surfing at Nihi Sumba

For surfing enthusiasts, Nihiwatu Beach is an irresistible siren’s call. The waves here are renowned among surfers, offering some of the world’s best breaks. Beginners can take to gentler waters, while seasoned surfers can challenge themselves with more advanced swells. With the resort’s experienced instructors, novices can soon ride the waves with confidence, and seasoned surfers can hone their skills to perfection. Whether you’re catching your first wave or carving through barrels, the thrill of the ocean awaits.


Kite Surfing at Nihi Sumba

Heed the exhilarating rush of kite surfing on the pristine beaches of Sumba. The wind gracefully lifts riders into the air, allowing them to glide effortlessly above the crystal-clear waters, evoking a profound sense of liberation. Irrespective of one’s expertise as a seasoned professional or a beginner, the 2.5km coastline presents ideal conditions. Expert instruction enables enthusiasts to master essential skills such as body dragging, board riding, and even delve into advanced techniques like carving and executing turns.

The kite surfing program caters to individuals of all skill levels. Novices commence their journey with beachside lessons, acquainting themselves with equipment operation, wind direction comprehension, and vital safety measures. As participants progress, they transition to on-water training, honing their body dragging and board riding abilities. Advanced riders receive dedicated guidance to perfect thrilling, lengthy rides and the art of riding upwind. For those devoted enthusiasts seeking to embrace kite surfing as a passion, the “Zero to Hero” full course equips them with the confidence to venture out independently with their own gear.

Swimming with Horses at Nihi Sumba

Discover the enchanting fusion of land and sea with the awe-inspiring experience of swimming with horses at Nihi Sumba. Picture yourself astride majestic horses, wading into the ocean as the gentle waves caress their legs. This unique adventure forms an unbreakable bond between you and your equine companion, leaving you with cherished memories to last a lifetime.

At Sandalwood Stables, Nihi Sumba’s exceptional equestrian facility, horse lovers find a dream vacation. With a handpicked team of local sport horses, guests can embark on captivating trail rides, including the magnificent sunset and sunrise beach rides, beach-to-bush outings through local villages, and thrilling gallops through neighboring Coconut Cove’s calm waves.

Swim with the horses during low swell and high tide waning, where skilled horsemen match you with a bareback pad-fitted horse. Witness the horses’ sheer joy as they cool off, wade, splash, and play weightlessly in the ocean. Experience the exhilarating moment when they start to swim, and you find yourself momentarily floating above them. Whether a seasoned rider or a novice, this extraordinary escapade promises an unmatched connection with nature and an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Sumba’s natural beauty.

Horses at Nihi Sumba

Adventures on Land

Sumba Expedition

Venture into the heart of Sumba with the Sumba Expedition, a captivating journey that unveils the island’s rich cultural heritage. Traverse rolling hills and traditional villages, connecting with the local people and immersing yourself in their ancient traditions. Witness the vibrant colors of the Ikat weavings, discover monumental megalithic burial sites, and browse the bustling markets. This expedition is a tribute to the island’s vibrant culture and the preservation of its timeless traditions.

Blue Waterfall Trek

Embark on a trek through the pristine wilderness of Sumba, leading to the mesmerizing Blue Waterfall. As you navigate through lush jungles and hidden trails, the sound of cascading water grows louder, beckoning you closer. Finally, you’ll stand in awe before the captivating sight of the Blue Waterfall, where a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear pool awaits. This journey into the heart of nature will rejuvenate your spirit and leave you feeling more connected to the earth.

Adventures on Sumba island

Mountain Biking

Discover the rugged beauty of Sumba on two wheels as you embark on a thrilling mountain biking adventure. Wind your way through scenic landscapes, passing traditional villages and verdant rice fields. Sumba’s diverse terrain offers a perfect playground for mountain biking enthusiasts, where each turn reveals new vistas and hidden gems.

Wellness & Rejuvenation

Nihi Spa Safari

Indulge in an extraordinary wellness adventure like no other – the Nihi Spa Safari™. Plunged into a world where reality surrenders to unregulated freedom, this enchanting safari is a place to breathe, share, be wild, and melt into raw emotion. Your journey begins in adventurous style, whether by horseback, safari jeep, or spirited sunrise trek through rolling hills and expansive rice fields. Warm Sumba smiles and heartfelt welcomes greet you as you arrive at this mythical setting, perched dramatically on emerald green cliffs, confronting sweeping views of the sapphire sea.

Spa Safari at Nihi Sumba

At the Nihi Spa Safari™, freedom knows no bounds. Your day unfolds with refreshing swims in the sea and breakfast cooked on an open fire. Then, the real magic commences with a selection of bottomless treatments inspired by Indonesia’s rich healing history, firmly rooted in the comforts of classic methodologies. From sea salt scrubs and mud wraps to coconut water hair washes and signature Nihi massages, every moment is a symphony of relaxation and rejuvenation. Nihi Spa Safari™ defies rules and conventions, offering a universe of desires where time feels suspended in song.

This undeniably alluring wellness adventure evokes a playful and pure spirit, a living temple where body and soul become lyrical, and an undefinable perfume of joy floats in the tropical breeze. Surrender to bliss as healing hands, guided by the energy of pure essential oils, take you on a therapeutic journey where your mind and body transcend. The intimate treatment Bales, perched above the crashing waves, become your sanctuary of tranquility.

Culture & Traditions Preserved

Nihi Sumba takes you on a journey to rediscover the joy of exploration. Traverse the rugged landscape on horseback, exploring rolling hills and traditional villages. Embark on thrilling mountain biking trails, revealing hidden waterfalls and picturesque landscapes. For those drawn to the ocean’s allure, indulge in paddleboarding and kayaking, or embark on an awe-inspiring boat trip to see majestic whales in their natural habitat.

Kayaking in Sumba island

The Sumba Foundation: Empowering Local Communities

Beyond its luxurious experiences, Nihi Sumba is deeply committed to empowering the local community through The Sumba Foundation. The resort’s close ties with the foundation have brought health, nourishment, education, and enriched the lives of indigenous Sumbanese people. Guests can join tours to visit local water projects, Malaria-combating health clinics, and even volunteer with the school lunch program. By staying at Nihi Sumba, guests play a direct role in preserving the island’s cultural heritage and making a positive impact on the lives of the local people.

Infinity pool at Nihi Sumba

Nihi Sumba is not just a destination; it is an invitation to unearth the extraordinary. Discover a secluded paradise where luxury meets culture, adventure meets serenity, and the Nihi Spa Safari™ unveils a journey of unparalleled wellness. From the breathtaking vistas to the immersive cultural experiences and exhilarating adventures, Nihi Sumba weaves memories that will linger in your heart forever.

Rediscover the joy of wanderlust and the excitement of uncharted experiences at Nihi Sumba – an unforgettable journey awaits, and the Nihi Spa Safari™ promises to be a pinnacle of wellness and rejuvenation. With every step, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of secluded adventure and ultimate luxury – a world where dreams come alive and magic thrives. So, take a leap into the extraordinary and let Nihi Sumba enchant you beyond your wildest dreams.

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