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Sleep Health at Six Senses Ibiza 

Good sleep is intrinsically linked to good health, both physically and mentally. A good sleep routine, something many of us struggle to establish, can help maintain a strong immune system, reduce our risk of disease, reduce stress, and aid in brain function.  

The National Sleep Foundation advises that healthy adults need between 7-9 hours of sleep each night, although where you fall in this range is determined by a number of personal factors such as activity levels or overall health. 

When it comes to bed time recommendations, earlier rather than later is best, with research suggesting that around 10pm is the ideal time to go to sleep. However, whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, the most important factor is consistency, with a good routine playing a key role in achieving better sleep. 

There are all kinds of solutions and suggestions on the market promising to improve your sleep quality, from pillow mists and essential oils, to white noise machines. Now, wellness hotels are joining the sleep revolution, bringing their knowledge and expertise to the rescue. 

Sleep retreats are designed to revert your body back to its natural, healthy sleeping pattern, whilst giving you the tools to create and maintain better sleeping habits at home. With a dedicated sleep doctor and specialised retreat, Six Senses Ibiza are leading the way to a restful night. 

Blending a mix of yoga and meditation with relaxing therapies and low intensity training, the retreat creates the perfect atmosphere for serenity of body and mind. Sleep tracking and analysis provides invaluable insight into your current sleep patterns, allowing you to see areas for improvement and establish a plan of action. 

Retreats such as this can hold the key to unlocking elevated health and wellbeing. While many of us are already well aware of how to take care of our physical and mental wellness, sleep remains the last frontier; one that we hope more and more people will begin to work on.

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