Health Travel Magazine - Digest 2024

The 10 Best Mindfulness Retreats for 2024

In a world which can often be overwhelming, tap into the power of being present with a bespoke mindfulness retreat by Health Travel.

These uniquely tailored retreats hold the keys to a mental reset, with calming treatments and workshops that help you to reconnect and rediscover the joy of living in the moment.

From soulful transformations in Middle Eastern desert dreamscapes, to glorious lakeside relaxation in Italy, we’ve handpicked the very best mindfulness retreats from across the globe.

1. Spiritual traditions and sustainable healing in Bali

Head into the jungles of Bali, an Indonesian island renowned for its ancient spiritual traditions and cultures, to discover holistic and sustainable healing methods at REVĪVŌ. Living up to its name, which means ‘I’ll live again’ in Latin, REVĪVŌ promises to revitalise your mind, body and soul.

The Mindfulness & Emotional Balance retreat seeks to restore a work-life balance and clear emotional blockages through yoga and breathing techniques alongside aromatherapy massages, Reiki healing, and Chakra clearing. Transform negative beliefs and bad habits, learning how to find peace and stillness in the depths of your mind.

2. Award winning spa retreats at Amanpuri

Discreetly located on an idyllic private peninsula in Phuket, the award-winning Amanpuri is one of Thailand’s leading wellness hotels, with expert practitioners and personalised programmes dedicated to enriching your mental and physical health. Lose yourself in a haven of palm trees and sea views and feel the tranquility of Amanpuri work its magic on your wellbeing.

The Mindfulness & Stress Management retreat guides you on a calming journey through traditional healing therapies, yoga, and meditation mixed with medical wellness, for a thorough and all-encompassing transformation. Every element is tailored to your needs, allowing you to make the most of the expert advice and restorative treatments on offer.

3. Lakeside views and a luxury spa at Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda

Where better to reset and unwind than at Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda, ensconced within Italy’s Riviera dei Limoni, with uninterrupted views of the breathtaking Lake Garda? Bringing together traditional Chinese medicine with the latest in scientific research, this expansive spa offers comprehensive programmes to suit all your wellness goals.

Designed to combat the impacts of long term stress, the Stress Management retreat draws on both classical Chinese medicine and neuroscience to rebalance your internal energy flows. Your stay is complemented by calming spa treatments, including relaxing head and body massages, and a nutritious menu, to help guide you back to inner peace.

4. Mystical and mindful transformations at Euphoria Retreat

A celebration of spiritual healing and restorative therapies, Euphoria Retreat, on Greece’s Peloponnese Peninsula, is the ideal location for anyone seeking peace and escapism. It specialises in refreshing spa treatments, spiritual meditation practices, and light movement to help calm and rebalance you.

Ideal for the busy lifestyle, the gently healing Relax & De-Stress retreat creates mental quiet in just a short space of time, bringing together hammams, salt rooms, massages and reflexology for an immediate mental reset. Group mind detoxes and meditation help equip you with the tools to carry this newfound sense of peace into your everyday life.

5. Journey to the origins of yoga and spirituality at Amanbagh

The home of spirituality, India has long been the preferred destination of wellness seekers, and the majestic Amanbagh, in the wild landscapes of Rajasthan, delivers beautifully crafted, Ayurvedic inspired wellness retreats to nourish your body and soul. Daily yoga and meditation in the flourishing gardens help to solidify the sense of peace achieved through refreshing treatments in the Aman spa.

Beginning with an Ayurvedic consultation to determine your goals and needs, the Yoga & Mindfulness retreat is tailored to all levels of practice, with daily private yoga and mindfulness sessions, guided sunrise walks, and personalised spa treatments forming the foundations of your mental rejuvenation.

6. Private island paradise at JOALI Maldives

The turquoise waters and private island bliss of the Maldives are sure to help anyone feel relaxed and refreshed. Step into the calming sanctuary of JOALI Maldives and experience a world of laidback luxury and naturally inspired wellness inside its stunning overwater villas.

This art immersive resort encourages you to free your mind and set your creativity alight with interactive and immersive activities alongside empowering wellness treatments. The Solo Revitalise retreat samples customised private yoga, indulgent spa treatments and hammams, and a superfood menu to create a space where you can reset, restore, and find joy.

7. Get back to nature at Nimmo Bay

Put the healing powers of nature to the test at this truly off the grid resort in Canada’s Southern Great Bear Rainforest. Nimmo Bay puts its uniquely natural stamp on luxury wellness, with outdoor cedarwood hot tubs, stilted saunas overlooking the lake, and an immersive spa.

Let Health Travel craft a bespoke retreat in the great outdoors, tailored perfectly to your needs and interests. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this untouched habitat with outdoor yoga and gentle massages in glass-walled huts, or kayak past glorious mountain panoramas on the open water, and observe bears hunting for salmon on a guided hike. Allow the endless possibilities of unspoilt nature to refresh your body and soul and reset your mind.

8. Soulful desert healing at Habitas AlUla

Deep in Saudi Arabia’s Ashar Valley, where the towering golden canyons and dramatic desert panoramas are bestowed with an almost spiritual quality, the eco-luxe Habitas AlUla offers an oasis of tranquility that ignites the soul. Local traditions, crafts, music, and ingredients create a wellness experience that celebrates the region’s historic culture and introduces you to unique healing moments.

Paying close attention to your individual goals and needs, Health Travel can build a mentally rejuvenating retreat filled with holistic healing and traditional Middle Eastern techniques using locally sourced ingredients. Discover mental peace and clarity with sound healing sessions under the open sky, or yoga in the shadow of ancient canyon walls.

9. A day of self-love and laidback luxury at Six Senses Ibiza

The barefoot paradise of Six Senses Ibiza is a haven of laidback luxury in the Mediterranean sun that allows your soul to thrive. The revitalising spa combined with panoramic sea views of Xaracca Bay from the spectacular infinity pool creates the perfect environment for relaxation and a mindful reset.

The 1-day Love Your Heart retreat guides you to rediscover meaning and zest for life with a mindful hike and meditation, massage, art with nature session, and a fire ceremony to help you reconnect and let go of any tension. This soothing immersion will leave you with a greater appreciation for life and nature, and reduce anxiety and emotional disconnect.

10. Buildable retreats on the Riviera Maya at Palmaïa

This unique, all-inclusive resort on Mexico’s stunning Riviera Maya boasts a wellness resort unlike any other, with a comprehensive weekly itinerary of transformative experiences and restorative group activities. Framed by white sand beaches and lush jungle, Palmaïa treats mental and emotional stresses to solve the root of your exhaustion.

The Architects of Life programme allows you to experience a rejuvenating sense of rebirth with a traditional Temazcal ceremony, or pursue mental growth and rebalance with gong baths, pranayama, and talks with Shamans. Palmaïa’s unique structure allows you to build your experience as you pleasing, trying everything from ancestral dance and art classes to tai chi and hatha yoga on your journey to mindfulness and emotional peace.

If you are interested in any of our mindfulness retreats, speak to one of our wellness specialists on WhatsApp or through our online form to begin planning your own mental wellbeing transformation.