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The Best Couples Retreat

A great alternative to a standard holiday, a couple retreats offers you the chance to relax, reconnect, and revitalise with your loved one. Spend some quality time together while enjoying nourishing spa treatments, healing rituals, and shared experiences designed to strengthen your relationship and bring you closer.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite wellness retreats for couples – read on to get some inspiration for your next romantic getaway!

Euphoria Escape for Couples at Euphoria Retreat, Greece

A spiritual sanctuary in the ancient heart of Greece, Euphoria Retreat channels the energy of thousands of years of history to create transformative journeys for the mind, body, and soul. Blending soothing spa treatments with yoga, meditation, and outdoor activity, their rejuvenating retreats will give you a renewed perspective and zest for life.

The Euphoria Escape for Couples creates an experience for body and spirit which allows you to luxuriate together in a place of deep tranquility and natural beauty. A carefully selected choice of therapies and spa treatments, including facials and a peaceful hammam ritual, allow you both to escape the stresses of everyday life and share some quality time together.

Prema Ananda Couples Retreat at Four Seasons Bali at Sayan, Indonesia

Discover the verdant beauty of Bali’s lush jungle paradise, alive with abundant wildlife and the gentle rush of the Ayung River at Four Seasons Bali at Sayan. This tranquil escape is the ideal setting for couples to reconnect and recharge in nature, accompanied by traditional Balinese healing.

The Prema Ananda Couple’s Retreat is designed to take couples on a journey towards love, forgiveness, generosity, and wellbeing. Treatments target the Chakras to promote love and desire, while spa treatments and traditional rituals ignite creativity, emotional wellbeing, and positive self-esteem, allowing you to love yourselves and each other with freedom and confidence.

Couples Renewal Retreat at JOALI Maldives, The Maldives

One of the most beloved honeymoon destinations, The Maldives’ shimmering turquoise waters and breathtaking overwater villas have come to epitomise romantic getaways for many. Embodying the natural beauty and abundance of its surroundings, JOALI Maldives is an art-immersive island resort which combines classic Maldives style with inspiring wellness journeys, perfect for a couples wellness retreat.

The Couples Renewal retreat is carefully designed to ignite a fresh spark of magic in your relationship as you rediscover your love among gently swaying palms and soft ocean breeze. Strengthen your connection with yourself, each other, and with nature through calming overwater spa rituals, soothing meditation, and luxury spa treatments, accompanied by energising workouts and healthy cuisine.

And finally, here are a couple of our favourite romantic resorts – while they may not have a dedicated couples retreat, we still think they’re perfect for an escape for two.

Kamalaya Koh Samui, Thailand

A multi-award winning wellness retreat situated between Koh Samui’s luscious jungle and unspoiled beaches, Kamalaya Koh Samui is a slice of paradise you’ll want to share with your loved one. With a vibrant selection of tailored wellness programmes, as well as the freedom to guide your own journey, guests can choose a stay that’s perfectly suited to them. Restorative spa treatments, beachside relaxation, and even a Buddhist meditation cave, come together to allow you to reconnect both mentally and spiritually.

Habitas AlUla, Saudi Arabia

Innovative and sustainable, Habitas puts a twist on the classic luxury wellness experience by emphasising luxury for the soul, and Habitas AlUla, near Saudi Arabia’s mesmerising Ashar Valley, is no exception. Here you’ll find a wealth of authentic experiences, cultural immersions, and meaningful human connections, set among spectacular desert landscapes. Remote and relaxed, this is the perfect getaway for you and a loved one to escape the demands of reality and get back to what really matters.

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