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The Best Hotels for Spa and Relaxation

The best hotels for Spa & Relaxation

Unsure where to start? Discover Health Travel Magazine’s selection for the top 5 best hotels around the world when it comes to relaxation and spas.

Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Darda, Italy

Luxury Spa at Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda

The Lefay Resort and SPA Lago di Garda is a serene resort in the Riviera dei Limoni, boasting spacious suites with elegant touches and views of Lake Garda. The Lefay Spa combines traditional Chinese medicine and Western research for comprehensive health programs, featuring an infinity pool, thalassotherapy pool, and therapeutic garden, all in harmony with nature.

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Andronis Concept, Greece

Luxury Spa at Andronis Concept

Andronis Concept in Santorini offers a fresh take on the iconic cliffsides with spacious rooms and private infinity pools overlooking the caldera sunset views. The Kallos spa provides scientific diagnostics, holistic treatments, peaceful massages, and pools. The wellness-focused menu showcases local produce, and private dining allows for a romantic evening experience.

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Amangiri, USA

Luxury Spa at Amangiri

Amangiri, located in the secluded Canyon Point of Southern Utah, offers luxury accommodation with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Close to natural wonders like Lake Powell, Grand Canyon, and Zion National Park, it serves as an ideal base for exploration. The resort features glamping pavilions and luxury suites, an extensive spa with Navajo-inspired treatments, and a seasonal dining menu that enhances the overall experience.

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NIHI Sumba, Indonesia

Luxury Spa at NIHI Sumba

NIHI Sumba Spa Safari is a transcendent and enchanting wellness experience that goes beyond a traditional spa. Guests arrive via adventurous means and are welcomed to a mythical setting where they can indulge in a variety of treatments. Set against breathtaking views, the Spa Safari™ offers a unique and unrestricted space for self-discovery and rejuvenation, inspired by Indonesia’s healing traditions. It is a place where body and soul harmonize, and joy permeates the air.

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Gleneagles Hotel, Scotland

Luxury Spa at Gleneagles

This sublime Scottish sanctuary offers a blend of indulgent and health-focused experiences. Professional therapists provide a wide range of complementary and alternative therapies, covering face and body treatments. Gleneagles Hotel’s Signature treatments and wellness retreats offer all-encompassing well-being. The spa features saunas, steam rooms, a hydrotherapy pool, relaxation areas, and the Beauty Lodge, creating a haven of blissful relaxation.

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