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The Best Retreats to Try if you Loved Lanserhof

For over 35 years, Lanserhof has been one of Europe’s leading names in wellness travel, renowned for its state of the art medicine and holistic approach to healing. At its core, the Lanserhof Concept revolves around the regeneration of the intestines through detoxification and purification, setting the body in better stead to revitalise and heal itself. Treatments and therapies are built around the individual, with a focus on both fighting and preventing health problems.

Lanserhof has several esteemed resorts – Lanserhof Lans, set against a refreshing backdrop of Austria’s Tyrolian mountains, Lanserhof Tegernsee in Germany, the soon-to-open Lanserhof Sylt, and Lanserhof at the Arts Club in London. Traditional naturopathy and cutting-edge medical research promote physical and mental rejuvenation, while the natural surroundings at each resort instil mental peace and clarity.

If you loved your time at Lanserhof and want to try something similar, or are interested in experiencing a luxury health retreat for the first time, read our list of the best medical spas in Europe to get a flavour of your next transformative trip with Health Travel.

1. Palazzo Fiuggi, Italy

Nestled in the Italian countryside, just an hour’s drive from Rome, Palazzo Fiuggi has quickly made a name for itself as one of Europe’s best medical spas thanks to its healing Fiuggi mineral water and its scientifically proven approach to better health. The Fiuggi method, developed by Professor David Della Morte Cansoci, uses a mixture of holistic treatments, Western medicines and scientific therapies to improve mental and physical wellbeing and increase longevity.

Why we love this hotel:

Backed up by a 6,000 metre square spa and a delicious wellness menu curated by three Michelin-starred chef Heinz Beck, Palazzo Fiuggi is the perfect combination of health and luxury.

2. SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain has become synonymous with health retreats, famed for its transformative nutrition plan and varied range of programmes. With everything from detoxes to healthy ageing retreats, SHA uses innovative technologies and medicines, natural therapies, and food as medicine to help you live a longer and healthier life.

Why we love this hotel:

In between rejuvenating treatments, a dip in the spectacular infinity pool or a hike through the sun-drenched Sierra Helada mountains awaits.

3. Villa Stéphanie at Brenners Park, Germany

One of the world’s most famous spa towns, Baden Baden in Germany is home to the renowned Villa Stéphanie at Brenners Park Hotel & Spa. Spanning five floors, this cutting-edge medical spa hosts a range of beauty, nutrition, and detox programmes, developed and led by industry leading experts, providing positive change and long-lasting results.

Why we love this hotel:

The luxurious Brenners Park offers three restaurants, spectacular suite views, and proximity to the wonders of the Black Forest, for a calming, restorative experience.

4. Vivamayr, Austria

Vivamayr, which has two health resorts in Austria; Maria Wörth and Altaussee, offers a range of innovative programmes based on the four elements which form the Vivamayr Health Concept. Personalised health concept, modern Mayr medicine, med tech, and lifelong companion all support you on a lifelong journey to better health. Decades of knowledge from Dr. F. X. Mayr combine with the latest advances in modern medicine and personalised therapies to create effective, tailored retreats.

Why we love this hotel:

The stunning surroundings of crystal lakes and fresh, mountain vistas provide tranquility and inspiration for your wellness journey.

5. Chenot Palace Weggis, Switzerland

Overlooking Lake Lucerne in the heart of Switzerland, Chenot Palace Weggis’ 5,000 square metre medical spa comes equipped with the latest in diagnostic technology and medical screenings. Their three preventative wellness programmes are based on the 50 years of research into healthy living conducted by the resort’s founder, Henri Chenot, and feature personalised plans and treatments, plus the detoxifying Chenot diet plan.

Why we love this hotel:

Breathe in fresh, Alpine air, filling your soul with the resort’s calming mountain panoramas to refresh and renew body and mind.

6. Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

One of Europe’s largest spas, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland is home to a multitude of tailored wellness programmes plus rejuvenating thermal hot springs. Based on years of experience in preventative and nutritional medicine, their New You method and range of bespoke programmes allows you to evaluate your lifestyle and work towards a healthy, fulfilling future.

Why we love this hotel:

In between treatments, relax in the extensive spa, enjoying the natural thermal springs, including an outdoor pool with panoramic views of the surroundings mountains.

If you’re interested in any of these wellness resorts and their retreats, contact our travel specialists through Whatsapp or the enquiry form on our website to begin your bespoke health journey.