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Introduction to The Chenot Method

Deep in Switzerland’s pastoral heart, Chenot Palace Weggis channels the refreshing energy of its healing Alpine surroundings combined with world-leading research, cutting-edge technologies and the esteemed Chenot Method, developed after years of careful research by its founder, Henri Chenot.

Each of the Chenot Palace Weggis’ programmes are built on the principles of this method. Read on for a breakdown of the components of the Chenot lifestyle and the benefits of each retreat.

Understanding the Chenot Method

Backed by almost 50 years of research, the Chenot Method forms the framework on which all of Chenot Palace Weggis’ programmes are built. Highly personalised according to each individual’s Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers, the method incorporates a range of treatments for optimal results, including ancient Chinese healing, highly scientific Western medicine, and a nutritionally balanced Chenot diet plan. Henri Chenot’s method is revolutionary in that it focuses on preventative rather than reactive treatments, aiming to build up the body’s own internal medicine, and maintain energy, harmony, and functionality throughout your life.

Choosing the right Chenot programme for you

Chenot Palace Weggis offers three 7-night programmes, Advanced Detox, Recover & Energise, and Prevention & Ageing Well, each one perfectly suited to different needs and goals.

Advanced Detox

The Advanced Detox is Chenot’s pillar programme, intended to detoxify the body while repairing tissues and restoring hormonal balance. Particularly beneficial to those who have fallen into unhealthy habits or who live a sedentary lifestyle, this programme combines diagnostics and a plant-based nutrition plan with targeted treatments, including hydro-aromatherapies and mud wraps.

Recover & Energise

Following on from this is the Recover & Energise programme, which is targeted at those who suffer burn-out or fatigue in the face of a stressful lifestyle. Patented neuroscience technology reduces stress and recharges the body to leave you feeling energised and improve sleep quality and mood.

Prevention & Ageing Well

The wellness resort’s final programme, Prevention & Ageing Well, is designed for health-conscious individuals who want to proactively ensure they can maintain a healthy and active lifestyle regardless of age. Advanced diagnostics and targeted treatments will build the body’s resilience to external factors and keep your mental and physical functioning at an optimal level.

Discover the luxury Chenot Spa

This leading wellness retreat features a 5,000 square metre medical spa equipped with the latest technologies and diagnostics. Choose from a dazzling variety of treatments, including aesthetics, hydrotherapy, and sports & fitness. Relax with yoga, lake swimming, and numerous outdoor activities, or treat your body to a varied selection of massages and regenerating treatments. Each of the treatments available, from detox massages to phyto-mud treatments, is designed to detoxify and revitalise the body, reducing both mental and physical tension.

Benefits of the Chenot Diet

An integral component of the Chenot Method, the Chenot diet plan is carefully crafted to work in harmony with the other treatments and support your body’s detoxification. Meals are low-calorie and plant-based without compromising on taste or flavour, leaving you feeling satisfied and refreshed. Everything from the ingredients to the preparation methods has been taken into consideration in order to make this most of its health potential.

Planning your next retreat in Switzerland

If you are interested in the Chenot Method or any of Chenot Palace Weggis’ programmes, contact our expert travel specialists through our online enquiry form or via Whatsapp.