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The Chenot Method

Renowned throughout the world of wellness, the Chenot Method is founded on 50 years of expert research and experience and forms the core therapeutic approach at the esteemed Chenot Palace Weggis in Switzerland, as well as at exclusive Chenot Espace spas around the world.

Who was Henri Chenot?

Henri Chenot pioneered the importance of prevention over cure, dedicating his life to developing a template for ageing well. He coined the term ‘biontology’ to describe ways of studying the ageing process, and went on to develop a series of evidence based treatments and programmes that would maintain optimum health and harmony within the body, now known worldwide as ‘the Chenot Method’.

How does the Chenot Method work?

Championing prevention over cure, the method activates the body’s natural ability to heal itself by targeting the symptoms of ageing. This cellular reset allows the body to continue to renew and rejuvenate itself, thereby minimizing the risk of disease and age-related health problems.

The process begins with advanced diagnostics to assess a range of lifestyle biomarkers, giving  a precise indication of the impact of external lifestyle factors on your ageing process. From here, your personalised treatment plan is formed.

The Chenot Method combines the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the latest developments in Western medicine and diagnostics to form a personalised itinerary of protocols, treatments, and diet plans. Nurturing spa treatments including mud wraps, massages and hydro-aromatherapy are included, designed to heal, strengthen and protect the body.

Chenot Programmes

Designed for a 7-night stay, all the Chenot programmes have Henri Chenot’s method at their core, building on a strong foundation of science, diet, and treatments. The Advanced Detox is their pillar programme, although the detoxification process is integral to all experiences in order to reduce the toxins accumulated by an unhealthy lifestyle.

From there, programmes vary according to individual goals and circumstances, with the Recover & Energise option available to combat fatigue, stress, and burnout, and the Prevention & Ageing Well option offering advanced support to ensure lasting health.

The Chenot Diet

An integral pillar of the Chenot Method is the Chenot diet; a scientifically proven, plant-based nutritional plan which works in tandem with the rest of the programme to support your body’s detoxification and resetting process.

The 850kcal per day plan uses the finest seasonal and organic ingredients, specially chosen for their anti-inflammatory properties. Meals are prepared using techniques such as low cooking temperatures and acidic marination in order to reduce the advanced glycation end products, which can contribute to a number of degenerative diseases. While highly scientific, there’s no compromise on taste; all meals are flavourful, varied, and beautifully presented.

Chenot Palace Weggis

The flagship property of the Chenot Method, Chenot Palace Weggis in Switzerland is a world class wellness sanctuary on the shores of Lake Lucerne. Breathtaking lake and mountain panoramas serve to calm and refresh your mental wellbeing, while the 5,000 square metre medical spa, equipped with state of the art diagnostics, brings the Chenot Method to life.

There are also Chenot Espace spas at a select few international hotels, including One & Only Portonovi in Montenegro, allowing guests to benefit from Henri Chenot’s expertise as part of their luxury wellness getaway.

If you are interested in a medical spa stay, or any of the Chenot programmes, contact our wellness specialists on WhatsApp or our online enquiry form.