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Why longevity is the new anti-ageing

Holistic and medical treatments can fight the internal and external signs of ageing. Discover how longevity retreats are switching the focus from reversal to prevention for long-term health and vitality.

The long-fought battle against ageing is something we’re all familiar with, marketed to us in the form of magic creams, surgical face lifts and miracle cures from the moment the first frown line appears. While a more youthful appearance remains a high priority and a valid concern for many, wellness hotels are beginning to change the way we think about it, switching the focus from fighting ageing, to slowing down the ageing process and increasing longevity.

What is longevity?

Longevity is the long duration of life, often used to describe people who exceed the average life expectancy.

In the case of longevity retreats, it means the promotion of better health in order to maintain a higher quality of life for a longer time.

What factors determine health and longevity?

Health and longevity can be affected by a myriad factors. While it’s true that genetics govern a large part of health and wellbeing, environment and lifestyle also have a significant impact. Everything from sleep, diet, physical activity levels and lifestyle choices such as smoking and alcohol consumption can all play a part in long-term health and longevity.

While it’s possible change many of the lifestyle factors, longevity retreats also seek to identify and minimize the effects genetics may have upon longevity through state of the art testing and diagnostics.

How can you reverse ageing?

While the ageing process cannot be fully reversed, it can certainly be slowed down, and some side effects may be undone, through the implementation of a healthy lifestyle. The ageing specialists on your longevity retreat will guide you towards the best choices for you, giving advice on diet, stress management, exercise routines, and sleep in order to help you maintain optimal health.

How can longevity retreats improve health and wellbeing?

Longevity retreats take on a holistic approach to ageing, assessing its internal as well as external effects. While the outward signs of ageing may also be addressed, medical professionals and experts also assess its impact on our brains, immunity, digestive and respiratory functions, bone strength and flexibility, in order to better preserve and prolong the body’s optimal functioning.

What can I expect on a longevity retreat?

Starting with a health assessment or personal consultation with medical professionals, your longevity retreat is tailored to your individual needs and goals. Featuring everything from high-tech diagnostics to more traditional therapies, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, soothing massages, and nourishing mud and hydrotherapy treatments, every aspect of biological and physical ageing is covered. A specially-curated diet nourishes the body with the right nutrients and vitamins needed for optimal health and recovery, while gentle movement or personal training sessions can help with mobility and flexibility.

The best luxury retreats for longevity and healthy ageing

Smart-ageing at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Focusing on the importance of self-care for your long-term health and wellbeing, the Smart Ageing retreat uses nourishing treatments to bring a youthful glow to your outward appearance, while supporting you with the tools to develop a better relationship with your body. Gentle exercise and a tailored nutrition plan allow your body to feel regenerated and maintain optimal functioning, with guidance on how to create lasting healthy habits.

Healthy Ageing at SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

Aiming to identify, reverse and delay the effects of ageing during the Healthy Ageing Retreat, SHA’s renowned team of experts use both cutting-edge medicine and natural therapies to help you take control of the ageing process. Complement your traditional massages and holistic medicines with invigorating group fitness classes and the hydrotherapy circuit to leave you feeling fitter and more energised.

Complete Life Rewind at Palazzo Fiuggi, Italy

Designed to combat the effects of ageing brought on by lifestyle and environmental factors, Palazzo Fiuggi’s Complete Life Rewind programme embraces a holistic approach to ageing. Hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, massages and facials leave you feeling rejuvenated on the outside, while medical testing and treatments tackle any deterioration within.

Prevention and Ageing Well at Chenot Palace Weggis, Switzerland

Taking a proactive approach to ageing, and supported by the extensive research of its founder, Henri Chenot, Chenot Palace Weggis’ Prevention and Ageing Well retreat targets the body’s internal medicine with the aim of strengthening its resilience against symptoms of ageing. The focus here is on prevention, with treatments such as cryotherapy and energetic massages leaving you feeling mentally and physically renewed.

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