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World Vegan Day 2021

Discover healthy vegan cooking at Chiva-Som

A wellness centered lifestyle is built on several key components to help promote both mental and physical wellbeing, and while we all understand the benefits of a healthy, balanced diet, the impact of veganism on our bodies, our minds, and our environment is an altogether newer concept. November is World Vegan Month, beginning with World Vegan Day on November 1st. During this time, Health Travel invites you to open your mind and explore the wellness potential of a vegan lifestyle.

Health Benefits of Veganism

Feed your body and your soul with the delicious, nutrient-rich produce of the Earth. A well-balanced vegan diet will provide you with all the nutrients you need for optimal health, without the need for meat or dairy. In fact, the removal of meat and dairy products from your diet can greatly reduce your risk of disease, including cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. What’s more, veganism can also promote healthy weight loss and better, clearer skin.

Environmental Benefits of Veganism

From mystical snow-capped mountains, to luscious green rainforests, to kaleidoscopic marine life in our oceans, the Earth is our home and it is increasingly under threat from the environmental impact of human activity. Studies have suggested that adopting a vegan diet is the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact as an individual, cutting your carbon footprint by almost three quarters. Whether you choose to commit fully or simply reduce your meat intake once a week, make a small gesture to show your solidarity with our planet.

Looking after the Earth

Veganism at our Hotels and Retreats

Many of our luxury wellness hotels such as SHA Wellness, Chiva-Som Health Resort and Eremito give you the option to complement your wellness experience with a vegan or vegetarian diet, recognizing the mental and physical benefits a carefully curated, nutrient rich meal plan can provide. With delicious, well-balanced meals sourced from seasonal, local, and organic ingredients, your meals can be another way to connect yourself with the environment and embrace the healing powers of nature during your stay.

Nutritious vegan meals served at SHA Wellness Clinic

At Health Travel, we believe wellness is about finding what works for you, after all, every body is unique and no two wellness journeys are the same. We encourage you to constantly discover new wellness possibilities, and whether you choose to make a permanent, gradual or temporary change, such as Cancer Research’s one month vegan or vegetarian challenge, do so with an open mind and your own wellbeing as your priority.

To discover more about any of our detox and weight loss retreats, or which of our hotels are best for vegan and vegetarian cuisine, contact our expert travel advisors on WhatsApp or through our website.