Healthy Ageing

Sample Inclusions:

• Biological Profile

• Oxytest, oxidative stress test to determine the level of oxidation in the body

• Intestinal dysbiosis test

• Dietary supplements

• Spirometry test

• Electrocardiogram

• Orthopantomography

• Polygraph for the diagnosis of sleep at night

• Telomeric length measurement

• Nutritionist consultation and health plan

• Neurocognitive assessment

• Regenerative medicine consultation

• Revitalising medicine consultation

• Consultation with a cardiologist

• Derma-aesthetic consultation, featuring the most advanced technology for noninvasive diagnosis

• Capillary health assessment consultation

• Dental health diagnosis by digital imaging

• Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation and treatment: acupuncture, laser acupuncture or electromagnetic heat lamp

• Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment session, based on prescription

• Colon hydrotherapy session

• Energy health assessment with bioenergetic mapping and evaluation

• Infrared heat and electromagnetic balance session

• Ozone GAH therapy session

• Lung detox nebulization session

• Four seasons bio-stimulation treatment

• Facial mesotherapy treatment with a DNA cell protector

• Complete dental cleaning

• Human Tecar session, integral physiotherapy session with high technology

• Intravenous liver detox session

• Rectal ozone therapy session

• Neurofeedback session

• Traditional massage or oriental therapy session; deep tissue massage, relaxing massage, cranio-cervical massage or shiatsu

• High-tech treatment sessions; Indiba, Icoone or LPG

• Aquatic therapy sessions; watsu, cranio-cervical water massage, underwater massage or hydroenergetic cure detox

• Foaming enzyme facial treatment

• Ageless Youth facial treatment

• Facial Icoone

• Personal training session

SHA Wellness Clinic

Healthy Ageing

Proudly stood above the beach town of Albir in Costa Blanca, SHA Wellness Clinic boasts panoramic views over the Mediterranean Sea. With a strong dedication to health and wellbeing, SHA is simply unmissable for a luxury wellness holiday to Spain.

The Healthy Ageing programme aims to optimise your health by identifying, reversing and delaying the effects of ageing. With experts in genetics, anti-ageing and regenerative medicine, the goal of the programme is to reverse biological imbalance and control the ageing process.

A full body analysis and a stress level assessment will determine your biological age before you begin the retreat and experts are at hand to provide ongoing guidance throughout your stay. Complimentary access to the hydrotherapy circuit and all fitness classes and group activities are included throughout your stay.

From establishing new healthy habits to discovering natural therapies, the programme gives you the tools needed to live your healthiest life.

SHA Wellness Clinic

SHA Wellness clinic is a world-leading utopian retreat, designed to enhance your health, youthfulness and happiness.

SHA Wellness Resort Infiniti Pool
SHA Wellness Resort Infiniti Pool

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SHA Wellness Resort Terrace
SHA Wellness Resort Terrace

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SHA Wellness Resort Body Treatment
SHA Wellness Resort Body Treatment

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SHA Wellness Resort Infiniti Pool
SHA Wellness Resort Infiniti Pool

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