Types of Wellness Holiday

Whether you’re looking for a mental health getaway, or to find a weight loss retreat at a medical spa hotel, Health Travel has something for everyone.

Explore our collection of unforgettable hotels and retreats across the world.


Reinvigorate the soul in one of the world’s most enchanting destinations during Health Travel’s active holidays or luxury retreats.


Reconnect with nature and uncover the hidden corners of the globe through adventure travel.


Embark on a journey of self-discovery with Health Travel’s Ayurveda retreats. Nestled in lush landscapes worldwide, our Ayurveda resorts offer a holistic approach to wellbeing that aligns mind, body, and spirit.

Beauty & Anti-Ageing

Take time for self-love with a luxury wellness retreat that uses scientific and holistic therapies from all over the world. Health Travel’s luxury beauty treatments and anti-ageing programmes are dedicated to refresh the mind, body and soul.


Prevent burnout and regain your zest for life with Health Travel’s specially tailored burnout retreats. These retreats are designed to restore your energy, rejuvenate your mind, and reignite your passion.


Health Travel’s handpicked collection of detox retreats are each shaped by science and then tailored to you. Experience a leading medical spa in Switzerland or Spain or delve into the eastern-approach to detoxes through Ayurveda or Arabic and Islamic medicine.


Drawing on the skills and knowledge of leading practitioners and experts, and supported by some of the world’s most advanced testing and gym apparatus, our fitness programmes are fully tailored to your personal needs.

General Health

At Health Travel, we believe in making each wellness journey truly remarkable. Health Retreats combine wellness activities and therapies led by experts to support immediate and ongoing wellbeing.


Boost your immune system and enhance your body’s natural defences with Health Travel’s immunity retreats. Our retreats feature expert-led workshops, fitness classes, and nutrition plans, all designed to enhance your body’s resistance to illnesses.


Experience the secrets of a long and healthy life with Health Travel’s longevity retreats. Our retreats are based in stunning locations across the globe, renowned for their wellness practices and healing environments.

Medical Spa

Health Travel partners with the world’s best medical spas and clinics to deliver highly acclaimed medical procedures and treatments in the most remarkable settings. These medical spas—also known as medi-spas or med-spas—are led by expert doctors and health specialists, combining cutting-edge technology with western medicine for optimal results.


Health Travel handpicks the world’s best meditation retreats, crafting bespoke itineraries inspired by ancient practises from all corners of the globe. Discover the tools of the mind with pranayama, Zen meditation and mindfulness with retreats hosted at the world’s best wellness hotels.

Mental Health

Emotional healing retreats respond to overwhelming feels of anxiety and stress whilst building tools for mental resilience, meanwhile our mindfulness retreats harness the powers of nature to draw awareness of the present moment.


Improve your sleep patterns and awaken rejuvenated with Health Travel’s specialized retreats. Our exclusive retreats are designed to restore your natural cycle, ensuring you wake up each morning feeling refreshed and full of vitality.


Relax and take a deep cleansing breath with a luxury wellness retreat set among breathtaking panoramas. From uninterrupted lakeside views in the UK to the tropical islands of Thailand, Health Travel’s relaxing retreats are hosted at the world’s leading wellness hotels, with luxury spas and therapies that remain in tune with local culture.

Stress Relief

Relieve the pressures of modern life with Health Travel’s luxury stress retreats. Our curated getaways offer a tranquil environment where you can unwind and disconnect from the outside world.


Experience a more flexible approach to wellness with Health Travel’s Tailor Made wellness retreats. These retreats, nestled in some of the most luxurious hotels around the world, offer a wealth of wellness offerings without the structure of a set programme.

Weight Loss

Kickstart your health journey with an expert-led weight loss retreat, designed to be the ultimate weight loss holiday experience. Through self-empowerment and tailored programs, Health Travel provides sustainable solutions to not only shed pounds but also to instigate meaningful lifestyle changes.


From the Himalayan foothills of India to hidden beaches in Thailand, Health Travel’s tailor-made yoga retreats retreats are hosted in enchanting corners of the globe.