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Luxury Beauty Stem Cell Retreats

Discover The World's Best Retreats for Beauty Stem Cell

The world’s leading treatment for anti-ageing is expertly led in Switzerland. Embrace a youthful appearance through the regeneration of healthy cells.

Why are stem cells so effective for cosmetic beauty treatments?

Stem cells from adipose tissue (made up of fat cells) have the ability to regenerate at a fast rate, which is beneficial for supporting organs and tissues in the body, both present and future. Using your own cells prevents any risk of rejection or allergic reaction, so it becomes one of the safest and most successful method for medical and beauty treatments. Only a small sample is taken and it can be used and safely stored in a Biobank for up to 30 years.

Scientific advancements for long term storage of stem cells

Imagine being able to bottle your youth. Well, that is now possible with the groundbreaking medical and scientific advancements in stem cell treatments. With our trusted partners in Switzerland, your youthful stem cells can be carefully stored for up to 30 years in a specialist Biobank. These cells can be used to maintain a healthy appearance, as well as for other medical applications, should they be needed.