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Discover The World's Best Retreats for Fitness

Empower your mind and body through a luxury fitness retreat with Health Travel.

Drawing on the skills and knowledge of leading practitioners and experts, and supported by some of the world’s most advanced testing and gym apparatus, our fitness programmes are fully tailored to your personal needs.

Map out your transformational journey through diagnostics and consultations and personal training schedules designed to take you beyond your goals. Recover with state of the art spas, revitalising therapies, and individual nutrition plans to fuel and strengthen your body.

Whether you’re just starting out, or training for a new challenge, our luxury wellness hotels and bespoke retreats will give you the tools to transform your body inside and out.

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Fitness retreats to suit every body

From beach fitness retreats on the tropical shores of Bali, to boutique fitness escapes in the lush UK countryside, Health Travel’s luxury fitness retreats are expertly tailored to suit you. We’ve sourced the best fitness retreats from around the world, whisking you away to state of the art hotels with high-tech gyms in Europe, or holistic getaways with open air movement classes and nature hikes in Asia. Combine multiple goals with Yoga & Fitness, or Fitness & Detox retreats, benefitting from the knowledge of leading practitioners and a full body transformation.

What to expect on your fitness retreat

Uniquely created around you following personal training, nutritional, and even medical consultations, your invigorating activity schedule can include everything from one to one sessions, HIIT, Pilates, and strength training. If you’ve opted for an energising group retreat, you can look forward to scenic hikes, fun group fitness classes, and of course, the encouragement and motivation that comes with being part of a team. Adding the final touches to your transformation are a team of nutritionists and therapists who’ll be on hand to create personalised, nutritious menus and provide restorative spa treatments for better recovery.

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