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Luxury General Health Retreats

Discover the World’s Best Retreats for Overall Health

At Health Travel, we believe in making each wellness journey truly remarkable. Health Retreats combine wellness activities and therapies led by experts to support immediate and ongoing wellbeing.

Our luxury retreats go the extra mile with awe-inspiring settings, fully-tailored health programmes and immersive experiences deep in nature.

From preventative health check-ups and consultations to targeted rehabilitation for long-term injury and ongoing illnesses, your health retreat is curated to restore and rebalance the mind, body and soul.


Retreats for Immunity, Imbalances & Intolerance

In the rush of daily life it’s easy to lose touch with our health and wellbeing, often missing the key signs when our body is calling for support. If you are prone to common illnesses, it could be a sign that your immune system or other internal systems are not operating as they should be. Improve overall health through identifying intolerances and imbalances with targeted programmes. Health Travel's luxury health retreats are each carefully designed by leading practitioners and doctors to target and reboot through nutrition, movement, pure environment - away from urban pollution - and even sleep programmes.

Targeted health retreats for ongoing concerns

Health Travel's luxury health retreats are designed to target the effects of long-term injury, illness and chronic pain. From physiotherapy to rehabilitation and recovery, our programmes are flexible and tailored to you. Hosted at the world’s best wellness hotels and medical spas with a team of leading experts guiding physical, mental and emotional care, you’re in safe hands. Let us empower you with the tools needed to get on the road to recovery.

Insight is a main ingredient within our luxury health retreats. To make ongoing positive lifestyle choices we must first understand ourselves and our personal health better. Through knowledge comes empowerment, so many of our programmes are designed with health consultations and inspiring classes and engaging workshops with expert practitioners in the form of alchemy, cooking and mindfulness.

Frequently Asked Questions

A General Health Retreat is a Wellness Programme which isn’t targeted toward a specific goal, such as weightloss or detox, but is all about improving one’s overall wellbeing. These programmes can often be a great way for people to kickstart their wellness journey, or for people who haven’t identified a key area of concern, but would still like to have a health-focused trip.

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