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The World’s Best Medical Spas

Health Travel partners with the world’s best medical spas and clinics to deliver highly acclaimed medical procedures and treatments in the most remarkable settings. These medical spas—also known as medi-spas or med-spas—are led by expert doctors and health specialists, combining cutting-edge technology with western medicine for optimal results.

Our medical retreats are carefully designed by professionals with a results-driven approach to target specific health concerns. During your medical retreat stay, experience panoramic vistas, indulge in healthy fine dining, and enjoy exceptional service throughout your transformative journey.


World-renowned luxury medical spa

Driven by pioneering research at the forefront of scientific knowledge, luxury medical spas use innovative solutions to support health and wellbeing. From treating the source of chronic pain and skin cell renewal to preventative health checks using cutting-edge diagnostics, doctors and specialists are dedicated to supporting longevity and vitality.

Alpine Switzerland and Beyond

Alpine Switzerland is a hub of healing and vitality. With exceptional medical care, the destination is home to the world’s best medical spa hotels and clinics, including Clinique la Prairie and Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. Over in the Mediterranean, SHA Wellness Clinic provides world-leading health programs with panoramic vistas over Alicante and beyond. Germany's enchanting Black Forest offers targeted treatments at medical wellness resorts like the Brenners Park Hotels & Spa, meanwhile, over in Thailand, Chiva Som takes a more holistic approach to its luxury medical spa.

Targeted Programmes & Transformative Retreats

From nutrition plans to day-to-day therapies, fully customized programs are developed prior to your medical spa retreat with our Health Travel wellness specialists. Initial consultations and non-invasive body analyses test for intolerances, internal health, understanding the underlying causes, and finding solutions to treat them using cutting-edge technology. Years of ongoing development and recent advances in medicine have resulted in targeted therapies designed by medical doctors with a wealth of experience to improve your health and wellbeing.

The Ultimate Medical Wellness Resort Experience

When you choose to embark on a journey with Health Travel, you’re not just selecting a medical spa hotel; you’re opting for an all-encompassing medical wellness resort experience. Our handpicked destinations not only offer state-of-the-art medical treatments but also provide an environment of luxury and tranquility to facilitate your healing and rejuvenation.

World’s Best Medical Spas

Striking a balance between hospitality and health, Medical Spa hotels are the go-to solution for those who want a luxury hotel experience whilst also taking care of any health concerns. Home to advanced techniques, the latest medical technology, and some of the world’s most skilled practitioners, a medical spa is the ultimate health destination.

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

Soaking in healing sea air and sun is Spain’s leading medical spa, SHA Wellness Clinic. Centering around an integrative method, and focusing on food as medicine, SHA’s team of experts pave the way to better health and longevity by coordinating scientific and natural therapies and traditional healing.

Each of SHA’s personalised wellness programmes, from healthy ageing to weight loss and detox, combines a range of treatments to achieve an optimal state of wellbeing, and is supported by innovative menus and their Healthy Living Academy, which provides education on a healthy lifestyle.

Read up on what happened when our wellness specialist, Ian, went to SHA Wellness Clinic.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Already blessed with mineral rich thermal springs, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has gone above and beyond the natural benefits of its enviable mountain location, developing an innovative and comprehensive medical spa which earns a place among Europe’s finest.

Years of experience in preventative medicine have gone into creating the NEWYOU Method, a series of highly individualised programmes which address a range of different health concerns, from weight loss and detox to healthy ageing and sports. Taking a holistic approach to health, each programme draws on the expertise of different doctors and specialists, for a complete lifestyle and nutrition overhaul.

Palazzo Fiuggi, Italy

Once a grand old hotel known for the powers of its healing Fiuggi water, Palazzo Fiuggi has transformed itself into Italy’s top destination for medical wellness, embracing pioneering medical technologies while retaining its 20th century elegance.

Holistic treatments intertwine with the latest science and technology in the hotel’s 6,000m² spa, where tailored programmes cater to every aspect of wellbeing and longevity. Scientifically proven nutrition plans support the process, enabling optimal recovery and immunity as you unlock the key to better long term health.

Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, Germany

Located in the world famous spa town of Baden-Baden, Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa offers an all-encompassing range of specialists and treatments across its comprehensive Brenners Medical Care division.

Cutting-edge yet welcoming, the wellness oasis includes the luxurious 5-floor Villa Stéphanie Spa & Wellbeing. Thanks to its prime location and excellent network of medical professionals, guests at Brenners Park have every imaginable treatment at their fingertips; from physiotherapy to dentists, advanced diagnostics, and bespoke wellness programmes to transform your health.

Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland

One of the world’s most exclusive medical spas, Clinique La Prairie sits just outside Montreux, Switzerland. A team of 50 medical specialists provide pioneering treatments, from transformational programmes to high-tech stem cell procedures.

Their holistic approach to wellbeing encompasses everything from preventative medicine to healthy nutrition and soothing spa treatments, all delivered in luxurious surroundings. Over 90 years of experience has culminated in impressive, results-led wellness programmes that transform every aspect of your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

A med-spa is essentially a blend of a traditional spa and a medical clinic. Managed by certified healthcare practitioners, these specialized centers offer both aesthetic services and more complex health treatments. Equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology, they aim to deliver a comprehensive approach to your overall well-being.

Medical spas offer numerous benefits, including the expertise of medical professionals and access to advanced treatments and technology. These facilities provide targeted therapies for specific health concerns, ranging from skin rejuvenation and chronic pain management to preventative healthcare. The controlled and luxurious environment of a medical spa clinic also allows for a more enjoyable and relaxing experience compared to traditional medical settings.

The popularity of medical spas varies by destination, and the list is far from exhaustive. For example, for Medical Spas In Europe, some of the most renowned include Clinique La Prairie, SHA Wellness Clinic, and Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. Over in Asia, RAKxa in Thailand, The Farm at San Benito in the Philippines, and Kamalaya in Thailand have garnered international acclaim. Each of these medical spas offers a unique set of treatments and services, set in luxurious surroundings to ensure a transformative experience.


Whether you’re looking for a detox or a comprehensive medical check, you need to start by checking if the medical spa actually offers the service(s). You may also want to look at whether it includes an initial consultation, any information on the programme or procedure, the equipment used and how many sessions you may need.


Qualified, experienced practitioners are non-negotiable.The treatments offered at medical spas require specialist knowledge and training and all good spas will share this background information. If you’re thinking about a medical spa experience further afield, speaking to an independent travel agent who specialises in health and medical travel will give you peace of mind and take the stress out of booking.


It’s helpful to have a clear idea of what you’re able to spend before you start looking for a medical spa. It’s always worth asking about options before booking as many spas have payment plans, seasonal discounts or promotional offers.


There’s nothing more restorative than a medical spa experience in a far-flung destination. The change of scenery can work wonders whether you’re happier listening to waves lapping on the shore, or want a treat for the senses with snow capped mountains and crisp, clean air.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions. A good medical spa will be happy to share their hygiene and infection control policy. Knowing that the spa you choose has put proper protocols in place is incredibly reassuring and can make the overall experience a lot more relaxing and enjoyable.


Hearing from other people’s first-hand experience can be vital in gauging whether a Medical Spa is right for you. Check online for reviews which offer an (unfiltered) snapshot of people’s experience, or get in touch with our Travel Experts who can share their thoughts.

According to the Director of Spa & Wellbeing at the prestigious Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland, Hans-Peter Veit, having a spa alone is no longer a guaranteed way to attract guests to a hotel. However, a well-established medical spa with a diverse range of high-quality services can be a compelling draw for guests looking for a holistic health and wellness experience.

Quality is paramount in a medical spa. Success hinges on having the best therapists and medical experts on staff. Additionally, flexibility and individualised care are crucial factors that make a medical spa stand out. Each guest’s unique needs and preferences should be taken into account to provide a tailored experience.

Detox, Weight Loss & Longevity packages are among the most sought-after offerings, closely followed by comprehensive check-up programmes. For individual treatments, personal training ranks as the top choice, but there’s also a growing interest in treatments aimed at emotional balance and well-being.

A visit to a luxury medical spa is an excellent choice for individuals with limited free time who wish to combine a luxury holiday experience with a healthcare programme. Many guests opt to visit a medical spa with their loved ones, making it a unique opportunity to prioritise health and well-being while enjoying quality time together.

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