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Luxury Meditation Retreats

Discover the World’s Best Meditation Retreats

Tap in to the transformative benefits of being present with a luxury meditation retreat for stress and mindfulness.

Learn relaxation techniques and breathwork from expert gurus and specialists, empowering your mind and finding release from the stresses of everyday life.

Health Travel handpicks the world’s best meditation retreats, crafting bespoke itineraries inspired by ancient practises from all corners of the globe. Discover the tools of the mind with pranayama, Zen meditation and mindfulness with retreats hosted at the world’s best wellness hotels.


Discover meditation with Health Travel

Meditation is one of the most accessible stress-relieving techniques. By giving the mind a task, we can train the mind to be fully present through focusing on one thing at a time, helping to recognise and understand thoughts as they come and go. Health Travel’s luxury meditation retreats are beautifully set deep in nature, from the forests of Umbria in Italy to the beaches of Mexico. Reduce anxiety, chronic pain and high blood pressure and give the mind the care and attention it deserves. With trained meditation practitioners and passionate guides providing the tools, you can begin to re-establish your connection with your inner self through an unforgettable meditation retreat.

Pranayama, forest bathing and mindfulness

Experience holistic wellbeing in the world's most unrivalled settings, fully tailored to your own personal wellness goals. Our retreats are flexible in dates and length, with programmes for short weekend breaks and others for extended, more immersive journeys. Restore inner peace with the best expert-led techniques, beginning with Balinese or Hindu Pranayama and rebalancing with Hatha and flowing Vinyasa, designed for sustainable development. Soothe the central nervous system and release tension, cultivating lasting harmony between body and mind and a lasting resistance to stress, bringing physically and mentally beneficial practices that can be incorporated into daily life and routines back home.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Meditation Retreat is a holistic experience where one is immersed in a peaceful, tranquil setting. They provide an opportunity for one to explore self-care without the distractions that occur in everyday life. Meditation retreats often include daily mediation practises, such as yoga, breathing exercises and sound healing and are often accompanied with healthy nutrition to help provide an overall boost to wellbeing.

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