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Luxury Mental Health Retreats

Discover the World’s Best Mental Health Retreats

When the mind is calling for a reset, mental health retreats can be the answer.

Hosted at luxury wellness hotels surrounded by spectacular natural vistas, our transformative journeys aim to inspire reconnection and create positive change.

Emotional healing retreats respond to overwhelming feels of anxiety and stress whilst building tools for mental resilience, meanwhile our mindfulness retreats harness the powers of nature to draw awareness of the present moment.

Through expert-led classes, workshops and holistic therapies, find the zest of life once again with Health Travel’s transformative luxury mental health retreats.


Mental health retreats for stress & emotional healing

Hectic lifestyles, personal trauma, low self-esteem and even ongoing pressures of the pandemic can call for mental and emotional healing. Health Travel’s mental health retreats aim to reduce feelings of anxiety, stress and sadness through empowering change. Each retreat is individually-tailored to your unique needs, using the guidance of skilled psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists to coach and support. Movement and fitness sessions, workshops and mental health treatments start the journey of processing emotions, understanding thought processes and establishing mental clarity. Whether it’s learning to calm the nervous system through breathing techniques or processing thoughts through journaling, each tool can be entwined into daily life.

Mindfulness, mental health and preventative care

By stepping away from the daily routine and into nature, we return to basics with our physical, mental and emotional needs. Each of our mental health retreats are carefully designed with a tailored treatment plan and life coaching from qualified mental health experts and wellness practitioners. Meet with like-minded individuals are release those feel-good endorphins through gentle activity out in nature, through yoga and pilates, woodland walks and wild swimming. Return each day to soothing spa treatments to relax the mind and body and tuck into deeply nourishing meals before a peaceful night sleep.

For many, mental health is often neglected until issues arise. Health Travel's luxury mindfulness retreats focus on preventative care, designed to reconnect with the present moment through expert guidance and experiences out in nature.

Our mindfulness retreats are filled with nourishing experiences with the guidance of expert practitioners, from forest bathing and Tibetan singing bowl therapy to mindful hikes through the mountains.

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