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Discover the World’s Best Spa Retreats

Relax and take a deep cleansing breath with a luxury wellness retreat set among breathtaking panoramas.

From uninterrupted lakeside views in the UK to the tropical islands of Thailand, Health Travel’s relaxing retreats are hosted at the world’s leading wellness hotels, with luxury spas and therapies that remain in tune with local culture.

Our wellness travel specialists provide fully tailored experiences for your zero-stress getaway, creating remarkable moments that inspire.


Luxury wellness hotels & resorts

Luxury wellness resorts reach far beyond the possibilities of a spa hotel. Dedicated to health and wellbeing, these havens have been designed with leading professionals to create transformative, holistic health experiences for travellers. From high-tech fitness facilities and movement therapies to expert-led health consultations, feel-good activities and workshops - days can be filled with as much or little as your mind, body and soul calls for. Indulge in spa treatments and therapies, but there’s plenty more to uncover at our favourite luxury wellness hotels across the globe.

Relaxing retreats at luxury spa hotel

Relax in your own private oasis with a variety of healing treatments and expert guidance to help you to reconnect. Lose yourself in time as you explore the spa circuit of pools, swimming with views of surrounding nature and unwinding among the saunas and therapy rooms before stepping out onto the beaches, mountains or lakefront. Health Travel's collection of the best luxury spa wellness retreats combine personalised nutrition, exercise and spa treatments in sensational settings. From philosophy of habitat and nature, our luxury spa partners tap into the natural elements and therapies from around the world. Experience a deep sense of peace having dissolved any stress and embrace reconnection with yourself as you step back into the world with a refreshed outlook and brighter glow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stresses and worries melt away at the spa retreats hand-selected by our Health Travel team. Designed to envelop you in luxury from the moment you check in to the moment you leave, Health Travel’s spa retreats are perfect for anyone looking to escape the realities of fast-paced, modern life. 

A good spa retreat really will make you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, energised and ready to return to whatever you left behind. At Health Travel, we only work with the best spa retreats. When you book with us, you can be sure you’re signing up for breathtaking locations, luxurious facilities, restorative treatments — and overall, a totally unforgettable experience. 

Spa retreats are a great idea whether you’re after a solo escape, romantic retreat or group getaway; there really is no typical customer. 

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