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Luxury Yoga Retreats

Discover The World's Best Retreats for Yoga

From the Himalayan foothills of India to hidden beaches in Thailand, Health Travel’s tailor-made yoga retreats retreats are hosted in enchanting corners of the globe.

Explore the ancient traditions that have shaped modern wellness practices through expert-led classes with a dedicated guru.

Delve deeper into Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa and uncover the secrets of a balanced life through and Ayurveda. Let us take you on a journey that reignites the soul.

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The world's best yoga retreats

Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a complete beginner, Health Travel’s luxury yoga retreats are individually tailored to you. Originating in ancient India, this spiritual practice uses tools including asanas, pranayama and meditation to create balance in the mind. Our traditional yoga retreats aim to delve deep into yoga, with insightful yoga classes, philosophy workshops and nourishing Ayurvedic meals. For a more laid-back getaway, let’s whisk you across to one of the world’s most beautiful destinations for a yoga retreat. Experience private yoga classes with world-class practitioners, overlooking palm-fringed beaches and hillside vineyards. Then by night, candlelit evenings paired with wine tasting and Michelin-star dining await.

Experience a spiritual retreat

Experience holistic wellbeing in the world's most unrivalled settings, fully tailored to your own personal wellness goals. Our retreats are flexible in dates and length, with programmes for short weekend breaks and others for extended, more immersive journeys. Restore inner peace with the best expert-led techniques, beginning with Balinese or Hindu Pranayama and rebalancing with Hatha and flowing Vinyasa, designed for sustainable development. Soothe the central nervous system and release tension, cultivating lasting harmony between body and mind and a lasting resistance to stress, bringing physically and mentally beneficial practices that can be incorporated into daily life and routines back home.

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