The 10 Best Mindfulness Retreats for 2022

In a world which can often be overwhelming, tap into the power of being present with a bespoke mindfulness retreat by Health Travel. These uniquely tailored retreats hold the keys to a mental reset, with calming treatments and workshops that help you to reconnect and rediscover the joy of living in the moment.

From soulful transformations in Middle Eastern desert dreamscapes, to glorious lakeside relaxation in Italy, we’ve handpicked the very best mindfulness retreats from across the globe.

Nimmo Bay is just one of the beautifully mindful destinations we offer

1. Spiritual traditions and sustainable healing in Bali

Head into the jungles of Bali, an Indonesian island renowned for its ancient spiritual traditions and cultures, to discover holistic and sustainable healing methods at REVĪVŌ. Living up to its name, which means ‘I’ll live again’ in Latin, REVĪVŌ promises to revitalise your mind, body and soul.

The Mindfulness & Emotional Balance retreat seeks to restore a work-life balance and clear emotional blockages through yoga and breathing techniques alongside aromatherapy massages, Reiki healing, and Chakra clearing. Transform negative beliefs and bad habits, learning how to find peace and stillness in the depths of your mind.

Yoga is just one of the many mindfulness tools used at REVĪVŌ

2. Award winning spa retreats at Amanpuri

Discreetly located on an idyllic private peninsula in Phuket, the award-winning Amanpuri is one of Thailand’s leading wellness hotels, with expert practitioners and personalised programmes dedicated to enriching your mental and physical health. Lose yourself in a haven of palm trees and sea views and feel the tranquility of Amanpuri work its magic on your wellbeing.

The Mindfulness & Stress Management retreat guides you on a calming journey through traditional healing therapies, yoga, and meditation mixed with medical wellness, for a