The 5 best retreats for COVID-19 recovery

Since the start of the pandemic, a large number of those who experienced COVID-19 suffered from long-term symptoms. The world’s leading health resorts and clinics recognised the need for supporting these after-effects and developed specialised retreats to heal and restore the body back to full function.

These pioneering retreats help to alleviate symptoms including fatigue, shortness of breath, and brain fog, and better prepare your body’s natural defences against future illness, helping you to enjoy life to the fullest. Read on to find out the top five retreats to effectively combat long-COVID.

Set yourself on the path to optimal health with a post-Covid recovery retreat

1. Post COVID-19 retreat at Palazzo Fiuggi, Italy

Known for the healing properties of its water, Palazzo Fiuggi combines state-of-the-art medical and scientific treatments with 6,000 square metre spa, including relaxing Roman Thermae, in the scenic Italian countryside. Their 14-night Post COVID-19 programme aims to support the rebuilding and strengthening of your immune system, using advanced diagnostics to evaluate organ and system functioning.

The retreat blends high-tech medical services with holistic treatments and carefully designed nutrition plans to restore the body to its natural working order. Tailored perfectly to your individual needs, this transformative journey will leave you feeling resilient and re-energised.

Benefit from world-class treatments and experts at Palazzo Fiuggi

2. Post Covid retreat at SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

The perfect location to rest and recover, SHA Wellness Clinic sits on the sun-soaked Costa Blanca, with uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean sea. Alongside the healing benefits of the refreshing sea air, SHA’s world-class wellness specialists have devised the Post Covid Retreat to help restore the body to its optimal functioning after a period of illness and reintroduce natural balance.

Symptoms including breathing difficulties, reduced immune functioning, and skin or hair problems are all addressed, with personal health assessments, specialized diagnostic texts, and specific treatments all used to revive and renew the body according to each individual’s personal needs.