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Euphoria Retreat


Euphoria Retreat, Greece

Nestled in the foothills of Mount Taygetus in the Peloponnese peninsula, Euphoria Retreat delivers a transformative journey in Greece. The luxury wellness hotel plays hosts to 45 expertly crafted rooms and suites surrounded by a pine forest and overlooking citrus and cypress trees in the valley below. Set just a stone’s throw from the historic town of Mystras, the rich heritage of Ancient Greece has been beautifully entwined into the fabrics and architecture, with calming earthy tones and high domed ceilings.

Euphoria Retreat is home to one of the largest spas in the country, spanning across four floors with therapies inspired by Greek and Chinese philosophy. Experience hydrotherapy accompanied by the sounds of the ocean in the impressive indoor sphere pool, which extends outside, opening onto remarkable views over the valley. With yoga and fitness classes, meditation, the open-air gym and activities out in the forest, days are filled with opportunities to reinvigorate and inspire.



Distance to Airport:

Kalamata (96km - 1 hour)

Number of Rooms:


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Unique Highlight

There’s something mesmerising about swimming under the stone arches of the sphere pool, then gliding out into daylight as the pool opens out onto fantastic views of the forest and Mystras village.

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Yoga & Meditation Fitness Active Mental Health Detox Weight Management Meditation

Each of the 45 light-filled rooms and suites act as a private sanctuary, keeping in tune with the calming spirit of the hotel with neutral tones, oak furniture and plush fabrics. For an added layer of comfort, many of the suites feature private terrace overlooking the charming citrus groves – perfect for sunny mornings in peaceful silence.

Immersive programmes range from a few nights up to an extended 21-night journey with innovative treatments, classes and workshops led by expert health practitioners. Start the day with aerial yoga, before setting out on foot for a guided hike up the mountain. Visit the ruins and monasteries in Mystras for a dose of history and returning to outdoor hot tubs and relaxation at the acclaimed luxury spa.

It’s far too easy to lose all concept of time at Euphoria Retreat’s extensive luxury spa. Hours can be spent among the hot tubs, Byzantine hammam, salt therapy room, infrared saunas, tepidarium and steam rooms. The spa features a Waterwell Kneip Therapy, one of the oldest therapies in the world and an outstanding sensory deprivation pool. 15 treatment rooms host a plethora of health and beauty treatments, meanwhile the meditation and yoga hall provides a temple for the soul.