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Vivamayr Maria Wörth, Austria

Among the world’s most renowned and respected health clinics, Vivamayr Maria Worth, on the shores of Lake Wörthersee in Austria, has long been the go-to destination for serious wellness seekers. Their philosophy is based on the research of Dr. F X Mayr, who recognised that the gut is the centre of our immune system, and that nutrition and digestion are fundamental to our health. Utilising the latest advances in modern medicine, the expertise of highly skilled medical professionals, and their innovative Mayr Cure method, Vivamayr has curated a series of deeply personalised programmes to guide you towards optimal health.

Immerse yourself in the naturally relaxing properties of endless pastoral views, which set the tone for a calming refresh of mind and body. Inside, the resort follow clean lines and gentle colour palettes, placing all the focus on its state of the art wellness amenities. The expansive spa plays host to a uniquely diverse range of cutting-edge and traditional treatments, all personalised to complement your wellness journey. The clinic’s knowledgeable team of experts will help you choose the right path for your goals and health from their curated range of advanced programmes, all supported by a delicious nutritional regime.


Maria Wörth

Distance to Airport:

Klagenfurt Airport (18.6km ~30 mins)
Ljubljana Airport, Slovenia (82km ~70 mins)

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Unique Highlight

The Mayr Cure approach to nutrition is truly unique – the emphasis on chewing each mouthful of food over 40 times teaches your body to recognise fullness and encourages your digestive enzymes to work more efficiently.

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Serene views from each of the rooms contribute to the deeply tranquil atmosphere throughout resort, while the wide, open plan room layouts create a calming space to reflect and relax. The décor is simple and clean, with the overall effect being to remove distractions and allow you to focus on your regenerative journey.

Vivamayr’s exceptional medical programmes, ranging from weight care and stress control, to immune boost and aiding diabetes, may be the star of the show, but the rich and varied activities available around the resort make an excellent supporting cast. The expansive wellness complex offers indoor pools, saunas, and cosmetic and beauty treatments to support your rejuvenation process. Meanwhile, walking poles, snowshoes, stand-up paddle boards and bike rentals encourage exploration of the pastoral surroundings, but if relaxation is more your thing, you can simply enjoy the view from the private beach.

Futuristic and fantastical, Vivamayr’s extensive spa is brimming with every treatment you’ve ever heard of, plus all the ones you haven’t. A Kneipp are, pool, and infrared saunas are just the beginning – develop your wellness journey with a personalised blend of electrolysis, Shiatsu, various massages, laser treatments, light therapy, and body wraps for a truly holistic sense of renewal.

Overlooking the turquoise shores of lake Wörthersee, Vivamayr Maria Wörth’s picturesque setting instantly inspires peace and tranquility. The two swimming docks and private beach help you make the most of these gentle waters, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the scenery. Klagenfurt International Airport is just a half hour drive away, for a seamless and easy arrival, and Slovenia’s Ljubljana Airport offers a wide variety of international flights.

An integral part of Vivamayr’s holistic concept, the alkaline cuisine is essential to your health transformation. Guidelines over careful chewing and water intake at meal times ensure maximum satisfaction and optimal digestion, allowing your body to better harvest the benefits of your individually tailored nutrition plan. Only the best ingredients are used, each one beautifully prepared and presented for an enjoyable culinary experience.

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Vivamayr Maria Wörth Classic Personalised Programme

Vivamayr Maria Wörth

Vivamayr Maria Wörth Classic Personalised Programme

Discover the revolutionary Mayr Cure with the personalised Classic programme at Vivamayr Maria Wörth


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Vivamayr Maria Wörth