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Beauty & Anti-Ageing Retreats

Discover The World's Best Beauty and Anti Ageing Retreats

Take time for self-love with a luxury wellness retreat that uses scientific and holistic therapies from all over the world. Health Travel’s luxury beauty treatments and anti-ageing programmes are dedicated to refresh the mind, body and soul. Reclaim a youthful appearance with acclaimed anti-ageing therapies based on local cultures and traditions, using mineral-rich treatments sourced from nature. Take a refreshing ice bath or rejuvenate your soul in natural geothermal pools. Step out of your luxury suite and straight into one of the best luxury spas in the world before insightful alchemy workshops and experiences in the enthralling natural surroundings of your wellness sanctuary.

Luxury beauty and anti-ageing retreats

Health Travel partners with leading wellness hotels around the world to curate tailormade retreats and itineraries around your personal goals and interests. Speak to our Wellness Specialists to start planning your transformative getaway. 

Beauty & Anti-Ageing Retreats

Experience a tailormade retreat with Health Travel

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Get in touch with Health Travel by the online enquiry form, telephone, email or Whatsapp 



Once receiving your enquiry, our team will be in touch to discuss the goals of your trip

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Our Wellness Specialists then curate a bespoke itinerary or retreat around you

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Your dedicated Wellness Concierge organises the finer details prior to departure

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From start to finish, our team is on call 24/7 to support your wellness journey

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The best hotels for anti-ageing retreats

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Ready to start planning?

SPEAK WITH our specialists

Beauty Stem Cells: The Ultimate Anti-ageing therapy

Beauty Stem Cells: The Ultimate Anti-ageing therapy

Luxury retreats for beauty treatments

Indulge in a revitalising beauty retreat hosted at one of the world’s best luxury wellness hotels. From dental treatments to brighten your smile to world-renowned cellulite-reduction therapies, such as The Leg School at Capri Palace Hotel & Spa, our programmes are designed to enhance your best self. Tailored facial treatments are led by skilled dermatologists, to boost radiance and target ongoing issues, including collagen facials or targeted treatments for acne-prone skin. Delve into gentle classes and outdoor activities that allow you to breathe in fresh air into your lungs to aid in natural healing, maintain your youthfulness while enjoying world's most beautiful sceneries.

Luxury anti-ageing retreats with transformative results

Reverse the signs of ageing through a luxury anti-ageing retreat in a relaxed manner. These active skincare treatments are designed by dermatologists and medical experts to regenerate healthy skin cells to promote a youthful complexion. Improving the pigment, tone and texture of the skin through holistic approaches paired with insightful workshops based on lifestyle, to inspire changes to entwine into daily routine back home, as well as nutritional analysis and consultation to determine a diet that brings out your best glow. Diet and lifestyle play key roles in the body's ageing processes, so these luxury anti-ageing retreats not only promote immediate results, but also long-term solutions to aesthetic beauty. Feel refreshed with a natural glow after individually tailored health and beauty treatments, enhancing a youthful appearance. Our luxury retreats are created by Health Travel’s wellness specialists and led by health professionals, combining natural treatments and holistic methods rooted in local traditions. Benefit from personal health checks and expert consultations on aesthetics and skin health meanwhile outside of the programme, experience healthy dining and choose from a variety of relaxing spa treatments while unwinding in the many calming spaces around the luxury heaven in either captivating jungle or mountain landscapes.

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