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Detox & Weight Loss Retreats

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Kickstart your wellness journey with an expert-led detox or weight-loss retreat that is fully-tailored to your unique health goals. Health Travel’s luxury health retreats are set in the world’s leading wellness hotels, from the snow-capped mountains in Switzerland to the calming Mediterranean shores of Spain. With personalised nutrition and fitness plans designed by skilled health specialists, we aim to empower you with the tools to sustain a beautifully balanced lifestyle long after returning home.

Unique wellness retreats to discover

What to expect during the retreat

Health Travel’s detox programmes have been carefully designed by doctors and leading health professionals to provide safe and effective results. Fully guided throughout, your luxury detox retreat begins with expert health consultations before embarking on a multi-day body cleanse. Take a transformative journey in one of the world’s leading luxury wellness hotels before soul-filling adventures out in nature.

Our luxury weight-loss retreats create sustainable impact through the guidance of leading health professionals, nutritionists and personal trainers. Reconnect through nature-immersive experiences, from morning hikes in the mountains to beach yoga and kayaking across azure lakes.

The best wellness hotels for a detox or weight loss retreat

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Luxury detox retreats

Experience a luxury detox through a science-led programme with proven solutions to safely body cleanse. Fasting, followed by a detoxing diet of fruits, vegetables, juices and water, stimulates the liver to eliminate toxins from the body and support the body's natural cleansing processes. Complement your detox journey with unforgettable nature-filled bike rides, wellness treatments and visits to natural wonders. Our luxury detox retreats prioritise health with a variety of one-of-a-kind programmes designed to support physical and mental wellbeing. Take a guided journey with dietary recommendations and nutrition advice from holistic practitioners.

Luxury weight-loss retreats

Diet trends have often been criticised for their inability to create long-term improvement. Health Travel’s luxury weight-loss retreats are expert-led by nutritionists, sports therapists and doctors to develop sustainable life changing impact. Through expert consultations and non-invasive health analyses, nutrition guides and exercise plans are tailored to your unique self. It's not just about losing weight, it's about inspiring change and empowering the mind to make positive choices. These luxury retreats are designed to motivate and refresh in the most captivating destinations around the world.

Detox & Weight Loss Retreats

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