The wonders of wild swimming

Wild swimming and cold water therapy have become increasingly popular ways to enjoy the great outdoors in recent years. If you're thinking of taking the plunge, read our guide to the techniques behind this activity and its numerous benefits.

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Wild swimming allows reconnection with nature

What is wild swimming and why is it so popular?

Wild swimming is an active form of immersion into the natural world. Swimming in bodies of water, including lakes, rivers and oceans, allows reconnection with the landscape in a way that has been lost. Gaining popularity in great strides after the instability of recent years, it has provided a means of spiritual inspiration as the strains of the modern world have given rise to an obsession with the healing properties of mother nature herself.

A popular figure in the world of wild swimming and cold therapy, Wim Hof is Dutch motivational speaker renowned for his abilities to withstand freezing temperatures and push the limits of the human body. He does so through the use of yogic breathing techniques. Similar techniques, such as the Indo-Tibetan tradition of Pranayama, have been established in numerous cultures and civilisations since ancient times. The Wim Hof Method has provoked the curiosity of the modern world and revitalised an interest in the mysteries of breathing as a means to spiritual and physical well-being.