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Brenners Park Hotel and Villa Stephanie


Brenners Park Hotel & Villa Stéphanie, Germany

In the heart of the German spa town of Baden-Baden, Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa has been an institute of health and wellbeing since 1872. Nestled on the edge of the Black Forest, the private estate blends sophistication into its state-of-the-art treatments and luxury retreats. Tradition and modern elegance connect with unparalleled spa experiences in the legendary grand hotel. Rest and recharge in the calming setting of the spacious rooms at suites, each with fantastic views of the River Oos and parkland. Your full board culinary journey features the best of regional, international and French cuisine across two tantalising restaurants.

Baden-Baden is one of the world's most famous spa towns, and there are no spa or medical centres more comprehensive or professional than those at Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa. From Villa Stéphanie Spa & Wellbeing, where guests enjoy recuperative and luxurious treatments in elegant surroundings, to Brenners Medical Care, an oasis of preventative healthcare programmes and specialist treatments. Far from a typical clinical atmosphere, this pleasantly relaxing setting is home to cutting edge care. Multifaceted medical treatments cover everything from dentistry to physiotherapy, with high level professionals and the most advanced diagnostics working in harmony to provide the best possible conditions for a healthy lifestyle.



Distance to Airport:

Stuttgart (110km - 1:15 Hours)

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Unique Highlight

Aside from Kléopatre, the charismatic Burmese cat who is a permanent resident at the hotel, we especially love the location of Brenners Park Hotel and Spa, overlooking the Black Forest and the famous Lichtentaler Allee, a historic park and arboretum which includes a stunning 2.3 km walkway along the west bank of the river Oos in Baden-Baden.

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